Here are the top movies of April 2018

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The anticipation of Marvel’s greatest coming together of heroes was dense in the atmosphere but despite that, there are still a number of movies that spiced up the month of April.

Actor/Director John Kransinski may have a bit of tatsy creepy stuff for horror movie lovers, how well do you love the ‘truth or dare’ game? How well can you play? If you’re a parent, how would you feel knowing your daughter is planning or could lose her virginity on prom night? Paranoid much? Amy Schumer returns in a starring role as an insecure woman who begins to build some confidence for herself after a disgraceful fall, knowing Amy, it’s hard to say there won’t moments of laughter in this one.

Alright folks, let’s get to what you missed in April—


A Quiet Place:

After lowkey horror “Get Out” got the world reeling in delight, Actor/Director John Krasinski and real life wife Emily Blunt get together for this thriller. Living in a world ravaged by alien creatures which hunt humans at the sligtest sound, this family of five and soon to be six had to adapt to life with verbal or vocal communication. John may be no Spielberg but, you won’t be disappointed.



We love John Cena right? Yes we do and for that, it would be easy to ‘see him’ as a concerned father who teams up with a couple other parents, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz, to make sure their daughters don’t get laid on prom night. Not that anything is wrong with getting laid, in my opinion, but you know parents and their ever present paranoia about how fast children grow.


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I Feel Pretty:

If you know Amy Schumer then you’d know she can bring her free flowing comic relief from the stage of stand-up comedy to the big screens. This movie is just a representation of a young woman’s battle for social stabilty, her struggle to be confident in a world overrun by sheer mediocrity. In I Feel Pretty, the star of Trainwreck (2015) has a real shot at capitalizing on that very same audience and delivering a strong message about self-empowerment, especially among women.


Truth or Dare?

With the production of highly acclaimed of Paranormal Activities, The Purge, Insidious and last year’s chart topping Get Out, it will be easy to expect Blumhouse Productions to wow us this year with another heart stopping horror story. In recent times, producing movies in the genre that capitulate strong story-lines and jaw dropping back scenes has been a major challenge and all eyes will be on director Jeff Wadlow as this movie hits the big screens.

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Something goes wrong in space. An experiment. An illegal one too. Cannisters fall out of space and into a wildlife reserve housing an albino gorrila, George. Experimental materials are released into the air affecting George and turning him into a monster, growing rapidly and impossible to contain. Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) takes it upon himself to stop the damage done but against what odds and monsters?


Avengers: Infinity War

This is the end. Or rather, the beginning of the end. This fourth installation of the Avengers characterizes the largest ensemble yet of super heroes. Thanos, the biggest evil in the universe, is coming. He is focused. He methodical. He is prepared. This time, it will take more the original six avengers to stop this evil. The threat is against the entire universe and help from other worlds will be needed but, will it be enough?




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