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How to prepare Éwá ágòyín

I want to share a recipe today. Many of you may have be hearing or reading about the hallowed Éwá ágòyín but maybe as a result of where you are, you have not been opportune to taste it. Well, if you have good cooking skills or you have someone close that can whip this up, you can try it on your own.


Now, after several trials, I settled for this personal recipe. Here is what you need:


Fresh pepper


Beans (a cup or two)

Maggi or any seasoning of choice.

Palm oil

Fish (sardine) *not really necessary*





  • Prepare your cooking items by cutting and washing.


  • Wash and boil the beans. Allow it to get really soft and pasty.


  • With mortar and pestle or spatula, mash the cooked beans into a paste.


  • When this is done, put your pot in the cooker and pour oil (at your own discretion).


  • Allow the oil to heat up, then add the onions.


  • After about 30seconds, add the pepper salt and seasoning.


  • Keep turning gently.


  • Reduce the heat so that the fumes won’t choke you and to make sure you don’t burn your food.


  • If fish is available, you also mash it and add.


  • Allow all to fry a while. Taste for salt and pepper.


  • Pour in the beans and mix it all up. You can put off the cooker and take your time mixing.


  • Serve hot with bread or fried ripe plantain.




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