How to treat newcastle disease / Virus in Poultry Today

How to treat newcastle disease / Virus in Poultry Today

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As a farmer, These was  feedback i got after submitting an epistle on advice to farmers in facebook. In other words i have elaborated all you need to know, if you wish to ask further clarification kindly post i would definitely answer your questions.


Facebook questions
Facebook Question which standcode recevied.

Thanks to you all. The major poultry problem is coccidcisis no other disease is a problem, this occurs when you know what you are doing and have a stable management. I want you to know that Broilers are “gigo” the garbage in & garbage out, This means when you give them a right option, the will definitely give you a good information, To be frank with you if I have 1,000 birds, apart from hatchery failures at times which occurs from day 1 to day 7 which are sometimes problem of hatchery incubation failure, if i was able to brood them for 7 days during heating and no one died, starting from day 8 to end of dispose no one would die, this happened because I called my poultry business and I have a stable management on it.

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Now try to call yours a business and also build a stable management.
How can you build a stable management: You can build a stable management if you know the collections of drugs to buy. Most people thought that stable management is money, its a lie. Stable management is buying the right drugs and administering it according to the way it works.

When you plan to open a new business on poultry, most of you comes online to ask farmers on how to administer drugs, but let me tell you, everyone has how he or she administers drugs. In this article you would see that the combination of the little drugs which you were ignorant of was used to treat Newcastle. When using the above drugs in your farm Newcastle becomes neutral.
Let me tell you how it works, if you start to use them from day 2 after merek drug and vitamins was given on day one till the day of dispose, you will not use loose a chick.

Coccidcisis is a very big problem than other disease because it kills like human “low blood pressure its a silent killer“, if you are a farmer and you are not observant its a very big problem, any bird with 2% coccidcisis cant act weak else the coccidcisis rate in it is upto 50% then treating it with amprolium would work, but if coccidcisis rate is 90% you may loose the bird because the immune system is down. Hence, you are advised to treat disease before it comes than vaccinating and go ignorant.

One thing I want you reading this post to know is that lasota dont cure newcastle rather it can only prevent it, but the prevention is at stake because it might fail and remember when ever you apply lasota you have this spirit telling you that you are protected against Newcastle. Brother, its a very big lie.
Okay, ask yourself why does my bird die even after vaccinating.

Like I heard about many people who says that wet litter causes disease, yes its true because it has ammonia. The major problem on Newcastle disease is that it can wipe 3,000 birds in 2days if precautions are not taking.

Newcastle virus is for birds but comparing to human being its a Human immune virus, whenever it attacks a fowl it kills it like human immune virus killing man.

Treating Newcastle than preventing it is the best a man can do for his farm.

What do I mean: Treating your birds of Newcastle than vaccinating them would help your farm immune to grow and would enable the mentioned virus to un-exist In your farm.

If you treat your birds of Newcastle there is no how it can appear in your farm talk of affecting. The reason while it will not affect your birds is because “No virus found”.

But if you vaccinate your birds, the virus might be within the premises or not dead and can affect your birds when the vaccination is weak this means “virus is found” even after vaccination.

Vaccination: Virus may be within and would attack when the vaccine is weak.
Treat: Virus dies and will not exist.

I hope with the above explanation you have understood the difference between vaccination and treating.

To treat a bird on Newcastle, you need to ask your self about some questions.

Have you asked yourself, why do my birds die?

Answer: The died because you were ignorant and didn’t know when the got infected till the became weak that’s the time you knew.

Note: If you follow this article recommendations, Newcastle would not affect you, but leaving Newcastle to build immune on your birds first, then using the above as I have written would be complicate else you act fast when the have about 75% immune system to survive that’s reason while you don’t need to vaccinate and wait for Newcastle to come rather you treat it to disable the virus in your premises.


Most of us like organic farming, sometimes its risky because it would not allow you treat virus like Newcastle. You have to build a strong immune in other to let your birds overcome Newcastle.

If you really know, most of Newcastle symptoms are like coccidcisis symptoms except for the neck twisting.

Most of us administer antibiotics and anti-coccidcisis once in 3 to 5 days because of poor management its definitely bad remember like i said earlier broilers are Gigo.

Treating coccidcisis is like you are treating half of Newcastle symptoms in your birds, all you have to do is to administer anti-coccidcisis drugs on daily basis except on the 7th day of given example, when you give anti-coccidcisis drug, always administer it for 6 days then on 7th day you ad minister antibiotics + vitamins this means if you are keeping your birds for eight weeks which is 56days you will have to avoid anti-coccidcisis only for 8days which antibiotics will be given. The 48days which anti-coccidcisis was given, you can still give other drugs like vitamin or growth enhancer but what am saying is that, make sure in that 48days amprolium is in your water.

Let me use one week as another example:
Mon – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Tue – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Wed – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Thur – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Friday – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Sat – anidone anti-coccidcisis + dramacine forte + vitamins
Sun – antibiotics + vitamins

Starring from the new week you regulate the roaster again according to you have administered in your previous week till the day of sale. Remember only the mentioned drugs are tested.

I know this would cost much but I want you to know that one pack of amprolium 100g and two pack of dramacine forte can solve This because since you are given anti-coccidcisis on daily basis you wouldn’t need to give them according to manufacturer dosage, you will have to reduce hand on dosage example, if the dosage is 3ml then give 2ml and save 1ml this would make the two packs last.

So far you are giving amprolium on daily basis reducing hand on dosage is an option, so far amprolium is in water nothing happens to your birds.

One thing that kills we farmer birds are over dose on drugs, most people don’t know 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml all the do Is to use a tablespoon in place of teaspoon to give a fowl 10ml of drug in 4litres of water this very bad.
Below are example of container to get for a proper administration of drugs on daily basis.

syrup container
syrup container required for you to use during administration

let me tell you if you over dose your broiler the might develop kidney problem, also it will enable you to waste money on buying a particular drug which has finished.

The drug which you will administer each day according to how I stated is dramacine forte + anidone anti-coccidcisis drug you can also buy sulfacux as an alternative if you want.
the above I mentioned are 3 powerful anti-coccidcisis drugs especially dramacine forte which is used to treat Newcastle & gumboro and other several disease.

dramacine forte, anidone anti bacteria, mycodox
Planetmusick twentynine holding the drugs which is stated

Note: if anidone anti-coccidcisis and dramacine is always in your water there is no need to apply lasota.

Warning: Using embarzin forte in place of the above drugs I mentioned to overcome Newcastle would not work its not tested but the above I elaborated has been tested.
Because some farmers would say since I mentioned anti-coccidcisis that the would use any anti coccidcisis drug, no. Use the above mentioned anti-coccidcisis drugs may overcome coccidcisis but there manufacturer used different chemical to produce them.

Questions We Have Answered

Always make sure dramacine forte and anidone Anti-coccidcisis + mycodox antibiotics is in water for 48days, vitamins is a substitute. If the above I said is done, nothing would happen to your birds.
You may submit a review about how you feel about this post and what you will do to your management starting from today if it happens that you don’t practise it thanks.
Am Elvis Chris… Planetmusick twenty nine…

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  1. I have newcastle disease in my flock and maybe it was introduced through lasota as you sugested. Now how do I prevent it from killing my birds as I have already lost 7 birds 2 weeks ago.

    1. Like I said in my article earlier, using lasota to vaccinate while you have sick birds will automatically kill the birds which its immune has some deficiencies. example: if your bird have fowl typhoid or cholera vaccinating it on any disease especially lasota for Newcastle disease would kill the birds. However, its good you treat your birds with the mentioned drugs Dramacine forte mixed with anidone-coccidcisis. After treating your birds, you can vaccinate if you want, but remember don’t vaccinate sick birds else you may loose your flock,
      Its good you treat your birds on Newcastle before it exist in your farm, treating it before its existence makes the virus unknown to your farm, but vaccinating your birds without treating them would enable the virus to be active in your farm and may affect your birds if there is a vaccination failure.
      To protect your farm from Newcastle disease, always make sure your farm is totally clean and neat make sure your saw dust is very dry, at least change it every 5 days depending on the rate of birds you have. Wash your drinker and feeder daily, administer the right drugs at the right time, allow your flock to bath with saw dust this happens if you change your saw dust at least every 5days.
      Dont allow local bird get near to your flock because the may be subject to a parasite or virus.

  2. What about those that brood for 4 weeks and sell,what if the buyer didn’t continue with the treatment regime,won’t they be affected with IBD,Newcastle,Where can these drugs be found

    1. Thanks Oyenike Oluwakemi for getting back to us with your desired question.

      If you do buy brooded chicks, you are expected to know the vaccination programme of the farmer who sold it to you especially knowing if the seller is running a vaccination routine before selling.
      knowing if the seller is running a vaccination routine would help you more in order to know when else to administer its vaccine because if chick is vaccinated of Newcastle on 14th day and sold at 30th day, if the buyer who bought at 30th fails to repeat the second vaccination programme in his /her own days, this probably means there would be a vaccination failure, once there is vaccination failure, your fowls start to react on Newcastle disease.

      (2) If the seller is running an organic farming and never trained them with medicated drugs, all you have to do is to continue from there by giving them organic drugs except you dont know about how to practice organic farming then you can simply buy medicated drugs to continue.

      Just know; if a chick builds an immune with Newcastle vaccine against Newcastle disease on 14th day, abstaining from giving it back to the chick on second administration is a risk except you didn’t administer Newcastle vaccine although to your flock then you can rear till the are sold at 7-8weeks without vaccine administration.
      vaccine administration exposes flocks to that particular disease they were vaccinated on once there is vaccination failure, if the vaccine fails, the ill react to the disease which the were vaccinated on, but treating them extremely deactivates the existence of the virus and would enable them not to contact it.

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