How to register and make money with Alibaba / AliExpress affiliate programme

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How to register and make money with Alibaba affiliate programme


What you must know about alibaba


What is AliExpress: This an online E-commerce shop service located in china, AliExpress service is owned by alibaba, alibaba Launched AliExpress service in 2010 acccording to there wikipedia page. AliExpress service is owned by small businesses in china. AliExpress was the most visted online shop in russia and one of the most popular website in brazil according to there wikipedia page.

In other words, AliExpress service is programmed for business owners to trade and reach there audience in an easy way than them been without customers.
In AliExpress, the goods sold in its platform may be owned by an individual or companies.. hence, you will have to be careful before you make a purchase.

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AliExpress accepts individuals, companies, countries to place product on sale with there platform. working with this service means you are trading with an individual or company but not alibaba itself.

i hope you understand the explanation am making…

Example, let me use as an instance, jumia is a popular online shop center in nigeria, its a place you can buy product online with your phone without any hurry, buying product from jumia itself as an organization means you are specifically purchasing the product from jumia, when you buy product from them, the deliver it to your destination according to the location you specified on your signup of order.

Jumia bear the loss and gain of there service unlike AliExpress where individual and companies bear the loss and gain from there products which is on sale.
However, AliExpress is a place where companies can meet fellow companies, individual can meet companies or fellow individual. AliExpress dont own the products you see rather the control accounts of people who owns the products which the display, i know with this illustraton i did now, you have understood the meaning of AliExpress and how the operate.

AliExpress or Alibaba affiliate programme was launched in 2013, the most visited website in russia affiliate programme has been established since 2013, ever since this years it was established marketers has been making money from its referral links..

How to signup for alibaba affiliate marketing

alibaba signup form

alibaba signup form

Lanuch Your chrome, operamini, mozilla browser to visit, on your url address bar type and visit your Affiliates homepage and click on Register. you can click here to register

On that window, Enter your Affiliate account details and click Create Your Account.

Input your whole website information as specified & required by the organization.

Check to read there Terms of Use of Affiliates Platform, after reading the terms of use, the next move is to check I Agree to proceed.

Click Complete Profile to complete the registration.

Commisional rates on affiliates.

How to register and make money with Alibaba affiliate programme

According to them, the mentioned High Commissional rate.
The more sales you generate the more you’ll earn. Our commission rates vary by product, with some rates as high as 50%.
you can earn 8% commissional fee on every single product you sale from alibaba. you need a high traffic rate to sale with this website, alibaba introduced a wordpress plugin for its users, the alibaba wordpress plugin can help you qenerate more sales because this would help you import multiple alibaba products from there website to your website, WooCommerce users are required to use this mainly…

Submitting your payment information.

alibaba payment form

After the registeration and submit of your website information you can goto step 3 for submitting payment information as the picture states.

Questions We Have Answered

jack ma owner of alibaba

jack ma

Alibaba owner: The owner of alibaba is known as jack ma from china, he was born on 10 September 1964 he is 53 years old. the previous lecturer of Hangzhou Dianzi University jack ma networth is 38.6 billion in 2018 he is the richest man in china.

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