Are you buying a new laptop? How to use Hp Utility center app  to know if your laptop battery and configuration is Ok before you make a purchase

Are you buying a new laptop? How to use Hp Utility center app to know if your laptop battery and configuration is Ok before you make a purchase

Hello, today i would be teaching about how to check your battery status with your laptop, this tutorial applies once you own a laptop. This article will enable you to know the configuration of a system before you can make a purchase. However, using the above method would enable you to know how effective your battery is, the below tutorial which i wrote will also enable you to know the active functionality of your laptop battery and how effective it determines to be. however, am illustrating below.

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NOTE: This tutorial has been tested with window 8.1 & 10.


The application used for the process of this tutorial is known as “Download HP UTILITY CENTER“, this application will enable you to set how the updates of your laptop comes, it will also enable you to OFF & ON system updates. if you noticed that your laptop updates itself automatically without your permission you can decide to set it to “never check for updates or messages” to save some data on your internet plan.

To goto the menu of the battery check, on the Welcome window of HP UTILITY CENTER, click on HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT like the red arrow indicates.



This application also have other features that will enable you to know the whole configuration of your system, such as:

My Computer: This teachs you about your computer specification, user guidelines and diagnostics.

Updates & Tune-ups: This states about the updates, message and action logs which would be used on your system about system updates.

Internet & security: This teachs you about your internet security, it teachs you to know the vulnerability of your system examples:

  1. Network firewall
  2. Virus Protection
  3. Window Update
  4. Protection against spyware and unwanted applications
  5. Internet security setting
  6. User control account

Contact techinical support: This feature enable you to know the warranty of your system and how to contact for your system technical bugs.

Video and Audio: this will enable you to KNOW the version of your laptop speaker, audio, video status.

Battery Performace: The battery performance is the main fact which i would be teaching today in this article, the battery feature enables you to know the full functionality of your battery and how active it is.
below, i would like you to read the illustration according to i have explained.

On the battery feature click on it like the read arrow has pointed.



Once it opens to the next window, you would see power and battery, performace and thermal. click on the power and battery like the red arrow has pointed and proceed by clicking on “HP batterry check” like the green arrow has pointed .


Hp battery check

once you click on the “HP battery check” this window comes on your monitor to run analytics on your battery check.


hp analyticls on battery check

After a successful analytics “TEST” this window comes up to tell you if your battery is functioning correctly or not, the Ok status means your battary is OK.

How to know the power of your laptop battery

From here you would know how active your battery is in your computer.


Question We Have Answered

if you plan to buy a new computer, your number one priority should be using this application to check the whole of your system configuration.

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Buying a new laptop should consider this

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