How to control too much water when cooking Jollof Rice

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As a good cook, I always tell my friends that even the best of us make mistakes. But, what separates the best from the rest is the unique ability to control the much damage that has been done.


You see, sometimes even when you’ve done everything right and by the book, followed instructions to the latter, somethimg will still go wrong. That is okay, that is why I’m here.


In this article and it’s subsequent sequels, I’ll be sharing tips on how to control popular damages as we cook.


Today, let’s talk Jollof rice.


One big issue that comes up in the preparation of this hallowed food is ‘how much water that goes into the pot after making stew’, true right? Yes!


Okay, here goes:


1. After making the stew, you have to pour water that will cook the already boiled rice. Ensure that your rice is almost cooked as you’ll need little water to get it done and that will ensure your food remains tasty.


2. For every three cups of rice, pour 5-6 glasses of water. If your rice is almost cooked, this will get the job done.


3. In case it’s too much or you add too much because your rice is more than I specified, leave the pot uncovered or place the cover half way. This allows water to vapourize easily.


4. If the rice is dome but there is water left, peel sweet potatoes or yam, cut them into large lumps or slices and place them on the rice surface. They will absorb much of the water.


This is very simple and easy!


Note: Don’t try to sieve off some water as it may affect the taste of your meal. You can use bread too but yam or potatoes are advised because you can save them and eat later with sauce or stew, bread would waste after taking in that much water.


In the next article, I’ll share how to manage the rice when there is not enough water.



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Saddam Ninhor
Saddam Ninhor
Ezeani Uchechukwu, AKA Saddam Ninhor, currently undergoing B. TECH programme in Microbiology at Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Despite his science roots, he loves to dabble with words in short stories, poems and also shares knowledge of household and relationship efficiency. He sets simple goals, working at his own pace to achieve them. This is greatly inspired by the words of Zig Ziglar; "go as far as you can see, when you get there, you will see further." Social media: Saddam Ninhor(Facebook).
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