Do you know? Popular website builder is shutting down – Tragedy

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Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG is shutting down

Information reaching us are narrated below.

The popular Indonesian wapsite builder known as announced to close its service due to massive payment on there server.

Indonesia wapsite builder is shutting down

This wapsite builder is a very good one, it has helped many souls. Website like 9jabaze are built with it. Thousands of Nigerian and other countries bloggers, programmers, developers started from wapka, wapka helped people to learn the fundamentals of web languages. Wapka enabled people to build websites with no hosting cost. The are good people.

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However, according to the announcement, The said to have reserved some months to enable wapmasters backup all there files.

The announcement content includes shutting down of file manager, content manager, video manager. There uploading will be closed on 15th September.

The also said that wapka wapsite will entirely shut down by 15th November 2018.

The mentioned that unable to backup will lose his / her data because everything will be deleted after the shut down.

Once the shut down, the whole thing will stop to work, you wont be able to login from your passport again.

Questions we have Answered

Since the made this announcement, so many wapmaster has been pleading to “Wapka owner” admin “martin” to not close wapka instead let him invent a wapka paid plan that the are ready to pay.

wapka webmasters opinion

Till now wapka webmasters are still waiting to see if the wapka owners would consider there opinion.

You can submit your review about how you feel about this or your opinion at the comment box…

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