Here are the best movies of March 2018

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Well, the Black Panther effect rocked February and to think the movie shattered stereotypes and box office ratings is something many didn’t see coming. However, February offered a lot of lacklustre scenes and cliché storylines that you needn’t bother to see.

But on the back of that and away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the month of March rolled in with great expectations.

How? I’ll show you!


Love, Simon: Gerg Berlanti comes back after an eight years absence to bring to life author Becky Albertalli’s ‘Simon vs, The Homo Sapiens Agenda 2015 novel. Simon is a teenage boy who kept his sexuality away from the world. The story captures the struggle of youth and how difficult it can be to get a grip on one’s identity amidst the chaos of adolescence.



Death Wish: Somehow, Eli Roth comes back with this directional masterpiece to remind us that family is important but the bottom line still remains that nobody is above the law. Bruce Willis stars as Doctor who takes matters into his own hands after a robbery went wrong and his wife was killed with his daughter hanging on to machines for dear life. Bruce may be a bit plastic with emotions but he captures this one just right.


Have you seen these top movies of February 2018?

Gringo: A little laugh every once in a while is good for the soul and it is what this movie offers. Pure comic relief! Nash Edgerton assembles a team of top class talent in David Oyelewo who gets in trouble when he stuck his neck deep into shit. An assembly that includes Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried et al deserves some of your time.



Unsane: The fact that Steven Soderbergh is unpredictable in already well established. This time, he wows even more in this psychological thriller that stars Claire Foy as a young woman that is trying to hold on to a dwindling grasp on reality, while being locked up in a mental facility. This movie was reportedly shot in secret and with an iPhone. How crazy can your phone videos be not to think of an entire movie shot with one? Don’t you want to see how it turns out? I sure as hell would!



Red Sparrow: Francis Lawrence reunites with Jennifer Lawrence after she put off her girl on fire gown and becomes a ballerina turned spy. Her mission is filled with intrigue and drama as it interlocks with American CIA agent Joel Edgerton. In this screen adaptation of Jason Matthews novel, Red Sparrow is a slow approach to the spy game and lacks the thrill and heart-stopping kills in the Bourne series. This movie as revealed by trailers packs its version of fun and intrigue that begs for attention.



Pacific Rim – Uprising: After Guillermo Del Toro raked in thrice the investment five years ago, thanks to the audience beyond the US, director Steven Deknight picks up the mantle and decides to bring back the Jaegers to the big screen. The addition of John Boyega who never fails to makes you turn your frown upside down may yet be a good move as the reception of this movie will ultimately decide the future of Kaiju’s vs. Jaegers. I really don’t know where to put my money but, we’ll see…



Tomb Raider: For me, this movie is one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. After over a decade of having Lara Croft fight to keep sleeping dogs lying with the face of Angelina Jolie, director Roar Uthuag dusts off the shelves to resurrect one of the most intriguing franchises of the early 21st century. Alicia Vikander takes on the role of the stubborn and unyielding yet fierce Lara who goes in search of her father who has been dead for almost a decade. Daniel Wu makes an appearance too as her captain to Atlantis or so it seems, and of course, there is so much that unknown lands reveal…



Ready Player One: A box office hit, just about a quarter billion short of matching Black Panther, director Steven Spielberg who already has a glorious record of blockbuster movies dabbles with this twist of virtual reality.

The movie is filled with unrivalled pop entertainment effort, a big dabble from Spielberg and unravels an intriguing and thrilling hunt for an Easter Egg that holds a fortune. The movie explores reality and animation, puzzles, romance and corporate bullishness. This one is for game lovers!



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