Tutorial – How to create internal backlinking

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Internal linking is good according to google algorithm update, Internal linking enables your blog to gain more page views/visit. Internal linking enables your visitor to read your post with a reference. Internal linking saves your visitors time on reading… However, internal linking is needed on every post based on search engine optimization courses..

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Today I would be teaching on how to create internal linking.
Goto your WordPress website post window.

On the screen window, drag your mouse cursor to the WordPress post editor tools.

How to Create internal linking in a WordPress post

WordPress visual editor

Place your cursor on insert Edit link then click on it.

After you have clicked on it, this window appears, like the screenshot has shown.. This where its configuration starts.

WordPress editor

URL: The url, as you can see its pointed with the red arrow. However, this stands for uniform resources locator, the box of url is where you put the link you want to add in your article.
After filling the blank box of url like example https://www.standcode.com
The next move is to fill the Link text box pointed with the purple arrow like the screenshot has shown. The link name box is where you define the anchor text of the link you are about to add.
You might be confused about the name I mentioned, your question now is what’s an anchor text.
Anchor text is the clickable name which appears to define what a link content is all about. Example: If you have an article about nutrition of beans and you want to refer a user about your previous article on beans, when posting the link with anchor text, this clarify the user that you are talking about beans rather than him/she seeing the main post link itself. I can also say anchor text is a word given to a link that also describes the link.
Example: The screenshot below shows example of an anchor text.

anchor text

The next move is to click on the open new tab button.
On the screenshot, the field which the black arrow is pointing is called the “open new tab button”. This enables your browser to display the link in new window. you will have to tick the button if you want the link to open in new tab when clicked. Its optional.

Note: The open new tab button describes If you would want your link to appear in new tab/window when clicked than closing the previous tab.

Search: The yellow arrow pointing the blank field was invented for you to search for the post which you want to add in your article.
Remember, once you are in the insert link window, the whole website post will come up on the window, the green button pointing the list are the previous post of the site. However, you can decide to click on any of them which you wish to refer people to while reading the current post you are about to add. Always remember to put the link name when you select a post from the list.

Now I would explain further. After you have successfully added the url and link name, then the next move is to click on Add at the footer of the pop up window to add the link to your article.

Screenshot explanation…

URL: = Address of the page which you are hyperlinking.

LINK NAME: = This the anchor text that best describes the link to your users.

Open new tab: This the button that tells the browser if you want the link to appear in new tab.
Note: If you are not using visual basic editor, if you are using text editor, you can write this way
[HTML] Anchor text[HTML]
The open new tab window tag for WordPress is this.

target=”blank” rel=”noopener”

The above written markup language are known to people who uses text editor and who writes links by themself.

Questions We have Answered

Note: Visual editor dont need those written tags, it converts automatically when added.

Warning ⚠: Abecedarians are required to use a visual editor instead of text editor for easy optimization.”

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