Do you know these are ways you can learn Web Designing?

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These are ways and steps one can learn Web- design to programming.
In this lesson, you would need tranquillity of oneself in order to learn representatively.
Web – design has played a very large role in online business today, like I thought previously on what a web host Is all about.

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People who out to learn web design makes hell of money, this happens because only few engineers are in this platform. hence, everybody wants to learn it.
The number of people on web design are low comparing to people who don’t know it.
So if you should be a teacher on web designing. Definitely, you will earn more than you can eat. This means you are your own boss.

I would explain steps and ways to learn web design and programming language.
Programming language are series of code used in a website core, programming languages is what programmers use in building up a website from scratch. However web design deals much with visuals I mean it deals with automated bots and wizards through customization.
Example are the WordPress customization window.

You can be a web designer even without knowing programming language according to what I wrote in the previous Answer Do you know you can learn all this of a web host?

Online school Websites like w3school, sololearn can help you learn and achieve programming skills from scratch while Web-customization is what you do learn by yourself in the practical aspect of website development. Web-customization is also called web-design because here you would be using features such as visuals and plugins developed by a backend developer.
Website Plugins are web software’s programmed to establish a satin feature which it was developed for.
We have thousands of plugin in varies of website content management system. This my previous answer which I wrote on caching plugin. install cache plugin to speed up your site would help you know how a plugin called “cache” can help you optimize your page load.

To begin on website development as a programmer many things needs to be accomplished At first.
These are as follows:
Html, Css; JavaScript, JQuery; Php, Seo
Before you can learn any code about web development its likely and advisory for you to begin from hypertext markup language its popularly known as HTML in markup language field. Html is a markup language used to make other programming website codes work. You can read my previous answer and illustration on What is Html.



Html is what browsers see in there own view and the transformed it to information at your end in browsers. Html is good, its used to build the skeleton of a website.
Learning html is basic and easy like example, this the formular starting point in any document file . After learning html, you will have to migrate to css, this popularly known as cascading style sheet, its used to define the style sheet of a website.

what is css


Without css, website which most programmers build today would be sluggish like an animal called “Idiot”, css tells a website how a color is used. Like example the css of facebook is blue and White. Reading my previous answer in uses and illustration about css on What is Css ? would help you more in this lesson.

Note: Website without css is like motor without paint.

You can further more to learn css3 + bootstrap.



Learning JavaScript is a good idea after accomplishing css, because JavaScript controls the behaviour of your pages. This means JavaScript is used to programme pages.

Note: You can use JavaScript along with css and html5.

If you have successfully completed the page behaviour Language which is JavaScript the next move is to learn the server core language known as PHP, its defined as a Pre-processor hypertext markup language. Its a server core language, its used on backend to communicate with server and databases like MySQL.



PHP + MySQL are two things one can use to create a membership site.



After the completion of html, css, JavaScript. you will have to learn php in other to control your backend properly.
I love jQuery, you can equally learn it in other to optimize JavaScript foundation.
JQuery Helps you to use JavaScript in easy manners to build an interactive web site easily without writing long code in JavaScript to achieve interactivity.



jquery is easy to use. it’s easier than javascript however you need to write it inside javascript tag!
Secondly, jquery is lightweighted and uses javascript libraries.

Been on tranquillity while you read this post will enable you learn more on how to move into programming courses. You can equally learn search engine optimization popularly known as SEO, its a definition given to search engine. This enables google, bing, yandex to crawl your content without wasting time.


Search engine optimization

This will equally make you rank on google first page without paying for a sponsored listing.
Search engine optimization enable your website earn alot of traffic and you know content + traffic =money.

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