These are Facts you need to impact as a blogger

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These are Facts you need to impact as a blogger

Good afternoon, i know landing in this page means, you must have searched about how to make money online and how you can achieve your destiny in life.

This world might have been hectic to you, i mean this life might have been what you never understand in any way.

Most times you pray 24/7 and you feel God dont answer your prayers.

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let me tell you something, there is nothing God can not do,
Of course we have many gods but here am talking about Almighty God.

I have been hustling all my life not upto a time i saw the hand work of God in my bussiness, having a certificate or been handcrafted is not the ultimate.

The fact is that, Will you be able to manage a business when given ?
However, you are to ask for Gods knowledge.

This is one thing i must assure you, there is nothing like destiny. i mean destiny dont exist. i know you must doubt me on this fact which i said now. but if you bow down to what am saying, you would understand the logic am impacting in you.

Destiny: this are most things people think. the always think, destiny must surely come to past even without them working. This is disguisting!

We blame God in every thing even when things go wrong we still blame him. but remember, any bad which must have happened to you, i want you to know that somewhere/elsewhere in your life you may have wronged.

I dont believe that what your father did will trouble you. rather i say if you dont support your parents in any of their wrong during nothing would happen to you.

People have mis-understood the word “Destiny“, because the have really thought it must surely come to past.

Yes destiny must come to past but this happens when you put it to work.

A lazy man cant achieve his destiny, oppposite of lazy, i know you would think its strongness.
a lazy man cant achieve his destiny this means you have to be strong.

“been strong is false”

The strongness which am talking includes your brain, focus, determination, desperate to achieve, abstainance from bad behaviour and been worthy & creative on things you can do.

However, Been Creative is mainly required in our society today.

The strongness which am teaching now is not a physical fitness, all am saying are ways for you to archive your destiny.

Achieving your destiny is like a man walking 100,000 miles without water, i mean a journey of no return,

but i want you to know if your brain is strong , this means it will be a journey of 99miles, all you need to do is to concentrate in what ever you are doing in other to archive it.

To me i dont believe on destiny, but i believe that destiny is any thing you know and you can do it perfectly, i tell you to continue on it, surely it must bring an income to you.

this i said might be confusing.
but it simply means , if you know you can drive a car perfectly, continue driving it surely it must definitely bring an income to you.

Dont sit there praying to God 24/7 7/52, nothing would change, of course God hears our prayers, but i want you to know he cant migrate himself up there down to here on earth to source a work for you,

Rather pray and work hard, he will make a way and help you. remember God helps those that want to help themself.

always practise the role of getting your desire, its good to be rich but it does not come easily.

There are many things you must do before you can stand in life. however, you are advised to bow down to those things cause the will definitley help you. hope you understand what am saying?

having your mind focused in your business is the number one option of getting rich.

Keeping alot of girl friends while you are a blogger will definitely slow your effort in blogging life, because most times the will seem not to let you concetrate on your business.

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I want you to know that blogging is not a Get quick rich platform, blogging is not a platform where by you build and make money with immediate effect. Blogging is a platform whereby you invest your time, knowledge and passion to make money. hope you understand what am saying ?
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