How to Improve a blog, have you asked yourself these questions?

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Human Life and How to become successful.

If you are reading this post then you must have the interest in blogging life. Maybe you must have searched on how to be “motivated” in blogging life.

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Maybe, you have spent 40$ in setting up a blog and its past 6-8months you haven’t earned $3 from what you spent. This tragic!

You are a blogger, you don’t archive more than 100k views in a month. You don’t earn up to 60k on monthly basis through sponsored posting, affiliate marketing, promotions on music and videos, Adsense, offline marketing. This really annoying, if you don’t make a dime from your platform. I think not having the ability to make money is what you should be against.

The salary from your blog is less than 60k, you don’t sleep although, your computer is your house, you post until your eyes becomes weak, even at night. You may have been on your computer right now reading this epistle, you manage to buy rice and stew when you haven’t eaten after blogging.

You don’t even have time to see your family and friends even to call them is a war because of insufficient balance.
You have been losing confidence and motivation because of the stress of no gain.

You heard AdSense pays, you registered to it but since the approved your account, you haven’t earned up to $2. This will make you think your village people are at work, maybe they are doing a kind of ritual for you not to succeed.

You are always owing to the bread seller for the bread you bought, which you ate to accumulate some calories for the day while posting articles yet you don’t gain the money back to pay. You Always run from people you owed.

You don’t even have time for yourself talk of friends due to having to publish articles consistently. You blog so hard in other to earn at least $100 from your affiliate and cost per click networks.

To crown it all, since you started, there is no gain or achievement in your blogging life.

It’s okay. If you keep on blogging this way, one day you will blog and break down because there have not been food on your table.

Note: Being a blogger does not make you a handyman rather it makes you a genius. This happens if you use yourself well.

Don’t kill yourself, you are already there, using your brain will absolutely help you achieve all your needs in blogging life.

I know you might be overwhelmed on this issue, but let me ask you a question.


  • Have you thought of advertising your blog from another blog?
  • Do you freelance well though?
  • Have you thought of registering on the advertisement with companies like Mgid, Properllerads?
  • Have you gotten Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora pages?
  • Have you ever promoted your brand with the above social network listed?
  • Have you thought of owning several facebook groups in other to boost your blog traffic?
  • Have you thought of correcting errors on your meta tags and keywords?
  • Have you cared on backlinking?
  • Have you thought of hosting a promo with your blog for people to win products?
  • Have you thought of employing more associates to help you invest in your platform?
  • Have you cared about making your customer care, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora robust?


Blog smarter!

You can earn beyond your imagination if you have improved in the above I listed.
Let me tell you a secret. If you make your blog a company, definitely things will go well with you.

Things might no go well now. You might be overwhelmed on it but I tell you, don’t give up.

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