Tutorial – How to save money on Airtel data instead of wasting money

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Good Morning.

I would be teaching about how you can save money for data instead of wasting money while being online daily. With this option in Airtel, it will be easier for you to manage your money according to how you get it.

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Data has been recognized and valued in Nigeria since phone and its accessories manifested in Nigeria. However, Data is used as an internet fuel to browsers, this helps a browser to surf information online. You know when you buy a car and there is no fuel in the tank, this simply means, the car can’t get started. In phone software, data is browser fuel which enables them to get online.

So today, I would be teaching on how you can use 200naira to archive 2gb of data in airtel network.

Airtel is a Nigerian based network but might be known in other countries, but this post applies to Nigerian users only. When this Code of data started, they give 2GB of data for 200naira, this will last for 10 days, while 500naira for 5GB, this will last for 25days. Now they have reduced and they are giving 1.24GB for 200naira. It will definitely expire In 10 days also.

This option works only for EDGE users. I mean it works for people who use the 2G network in their phone. So if you must follow this article to practice, am sure you would switch your network to EDGE. The reason while its advisory to purchase this data plan, this platform of data would enable you to be online in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter E.T.C without any misconduct, This data has no restriction, you can use it to download, upload, stream on youtube. you can use it anywhere on the internet.

This plan is good because you wouldn’t spend a hell of money like you subscribe for 3G network. This platform enables you online 24/7 because its data plan is cheap. Using this plan deducts low data usage to your system.

Now I would explain how you can get this:

Go to your phone USSD menu

Press *482#

On that window, like this post previewed picture,

You can see the option (1) as 200 naira while option (2) as 500naira.
Remember option one last for 10 days, while option 2 last for 25 days. So it’s left for you to decide which to choose.

If you select option (1), kindly input 1 in the above blank box with white color on the picture. Same applies to option 2.

Note: Make sure you have up to the amount listed 200 – 500 naira. If you have an insufficient balance nothing would work.

After inputting the option number in the box, click on send to activate.
You have successfully purchased a 2G network of 2gb data for 10 days. or 5gb data at 500naira for 25days.

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