How to embed youtube videos in your wordpress using shortcode

How to embed youtube videos in your wordpress using shortcode

How to embed video in wordpress website

I would teach about how to embed video in wordpress. however listen attentively as i illustrate,
embeding videos from youtube down to your wordpress blog will enable your site/sever load good.

Uploading videos in your site,  from WordPress media library and embeding it for your visitors to watch will definitely create a heavy load to your server.

This may result to people using lower bandwidth who uploads longer videos. uploading of video decreases your bandwidth and once it elapses, your website will get overwhelmed. it’s advisory for you to upload video in WordPress media Library once you are using an unlimited bandwith and storage.

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I have seen many clients complain of their site break down always, like the last message i got from my email.

A user told me that his site went down after receiving 5,000 views in three (3)days. however, my first question to him was “What is your bandwith size?


How often do you upload videos for people to watch?

He told me that he used his website for

comic videos and music, that he also enabled people to stream the videos which he uploaded.

he said to me also, that he got suprised when a friend notified him that his web is down.

However, on that same day, he logged to his client area from his web host to see that his web host equally sent him a message about the load he had on the server which he purchased.

Now the question came to me which he asked.

He told me about this bug which happened to him, i told him to limit or stop the uploads of videos in his sites media library. else he will continue to go down since bandwidth refreshes at end of the month.

I adviced him to use a youtube channel to upload videos instead or he can buy an unlimited plan from his host.

I thought him how to embed a youtube video to his site. after teaching him that day, he went back and practised it from then the problem stopped since he had no money to buy a virtual private server (vps).

Now the fact is to teach you on how to embed a youtube video.

Step 1
Login to youtube

Step 2
Goto your channel

Step 3
Upload the video which you want to embed

Step 4
After uploading the video, then edit it to your taste on name, TAGS and the above specified by google.

Step 5:
Goto your video channel window, click on the video name or the video itself to make sure its the particular video you want to embed.

Step 6:
On that particular video page, click on your browser task bar copy the uniform resources locator (URL)
it should look this way.
youtube uniform resources locator

Step 7
After coping it, go back to your website publish window and use this embed shortcode tag called embed tag it goes this way.

[.embed width=”300″ height=”250″] Then paste the url which you

copied from your channel that you want to embed its video here and close with [/embed.]

Step 8
it should look this way as example
[em.bed width=”300″ height=”200″] [/embed.] then click on publish

Wordpress publishing windowNote -1: Increasing the width and height to a higher screen size might spread large above the screen of phones so its advisory you use the default which i just set to 300*200

Question We Have Answered

Note-2: Make sure using the above step, you select the text editor than visual editor when using the above step.

Congratulation You have successfully Embeded Your Video From Youtube.

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