How to Eat right, live long!

Many of us don’t. We only care about our creams, makeup, clothes and shoes. Knowing your body is mor than that. What about the inside? What goes in there matters even more. It could end your life or create problems that you’ll have a lifetime to regret.


What we eat matters. How much of it too. Many times we rush to the hospital and chemist shops to see a doctor or buy drugs, whatever ailment we are suffering could have been avoided with a little knowledge.

Drug reactions is another problem. Many people don’t even know about allergies and adverse drug reactions. In a conversation one day, a woman told how she stopped a nurse from injecting her husband with aspirin. According to her, aspirin reacts negatively with her husband’s system, causes rashes and asphyxiation(loss of breath). This is called Type 1 Hypersensitivity. Recently, a friend told me how a drug she takes to manage menstrual pains makes her sick. I advised her to seek a pharmacist and get appropriate medication. These things are important. Drugs are not all the same. There are major compounds that generally are safe. Then, some of the minor compounds that vary across many drugs in concentration could be the problem. Try to know which ones do not concord with your body.


In the next article, we’ll be discussing important body organs and how to keep them healthy.


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