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What exercise does for you! part 1?

Whenever I come home from jogging in the morning, my neighbors commend my efforts. On one occasion, I invited one of them, a girl, to join me the next day. She refused.

Take note, she weighs about 55-60kg so, her problem and consequently, her question was, ‘what will exercise do for me? I am slim already. I’m not trying to lose more flesh.’

I took a moment and laughed at her ignorance until concern made me stop. I realized that many people don’t bother about exercise because there is this mindset that it’s only for people who want to lose weight.

Well as much as that is true, here are some things that exercise will do for you especially if you are one of the slim ones.

1. Cardiovascular function: Whether you leave home to jog for 45 mins-1 hour or because of safety reasons, you get a rope/skip and do at least 300 jumps or you hit the gym, a good morning exercise ensures that your heart gets a healthy push for the day. It enables thorough blood circulation and ensures this is fast too. Blood reaches every cell, tissue or organ in a healthy dose getting them ready for the day.

2. Burning arterial fat: Take it or leave it, there are always fats residue lining the arteries especially the pulmonary artery. Exercise ensures rapid metabolism of these fats. Anybody can die of heart attack, the risk is just higher in people that are overweight.

3. Increases joints/muscular function: By the time blood flows throughout the body while exercising, lax muscles are re-energized and prepped for function. Stiff joints too are loosened. Pain is also easily detected and appropriately managed.

4. Brain function: Good and adequate minutes put into exercise improve brain function. The brain uses 25% on the body’s nutrients meaning, during the thorough blood distribution, nutrients are carried to the brain, enabling it to open up and be active for the day. It literally makes you open-minded!! (No pun intended).

Want more?

Wait for the next article.

For now, get off your ass and sweat!! Exercise is fun and if you have a partner, it is a good medium for bonding!

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