How to become a successful Blogger

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How to become a successful blogger

Good evening, I’m Elvis Chris, MD at Standcode Investments.

I’m glad you all are here, I’m also thankful to you all for being with me as the administrator of both physically & online.

Today, I will be teaching many things which are on cipher about blogging.

All these are catalog of features, which are mostly required for you to know in other to become successful in online business & blogging life.

Online business: This is not all about marketing, remember when you are not trusted in marketing this means you are going nowhere in business. I have been a programmer since 2010 when blogging was 2% in Nigeria.

I came out with the result of green card analytics which I’m illustrating below.

Blogging is very easy & compatible with everyone. However, it’s awesome when created. This applies to online businesses, anyone who runs an online business has to be trusted & honest. This will make your clients trust you. Remember, when business is good you gain thousands of customers.

Being a marketer or a blogger does not mean you will get rich easily. However, you are required to feed your users with good information and this will gain millions of traffic to your blog and in return, the traffic which you got will be transformed into money.

Every blogger should extremely understand the features which I stated below.

(1) Steganography of backlink: This feature is extremely dangerous, it has to deal with the backlink which you created in a third-party site without the administrator permission. Creating backlinks in a blog theme which a blackhat exploited through its loophole may kill your search engine’s optimization.

Note: Steganography of backlink is usually done by black-hat hackers. Beginners may not focus on this.

(2) HTML: Most bloggers have been absent from this feature because it deals with syntax. Bloggers don’t want anything that would give them a headache, but this is bad. However, you have to learn HTML -Hyper Text Mark-up Language, it’s similar to a programming language. others are PHP & Ruby like I thought in my previous post about what is HTML.

(3) JavaScript: Bloggers should acquire 80% knowledge of this term called JavaScript, steganography of backlink and exploitation of databases is usually performed with this Script.

(4) CSS: The term “CSS” is known by programmers. “CSS” is not a programming language, its a cascading style sheet, it describes your blog background, color, width, and margin. However, you are advised to use a lite CSS in a blog coding to enable your page load fast.

(5) PHP: Hypertext pre-processor programming language is a powerful language, it;s a server language in web development. I mean it’s extremely powerful. It’s used to power a social network core which is popularly known as Facebook.

(6) XSS: Cross site scripting language is a language used for hacking.  learning this language will impact a life of a hacker in you. every blogger should understand the basic part of it in other to overcome attacks thrown at him/her when exploited from its vulnerability.

(7) PYTHON: It’s a great language which you must know, this will enable you to create an app for people to download and also help people to browse to your blog in an app.
Especially, If you think your blog has future and you will want it to be in an app, I would recommend you to learn python language.

(8) MORALE: The term “Morale” is different from all I have been teaching. You have to build this trust in you, invest in your blog even when the returns of it is not yielding above the cost.

(9) Money: Capital don’t matter in blogging life. You can commence with a little capital, remember we have subsistence and commercial business. Starting with a little token would make you start somewhere till things get better then you can now migrate to a commercial way.

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(10) TRICK: Don’t fight for traffic, feed your users with a better information in return the will lure others to you.

If you have questions you may write below.

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Elvis Chris
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