How to update a window phone

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How to update a window phone


Most people today have been experiencing issues on window phone.
window phone is a device provided by micro-soft which is 100% active to interact with your computer.

its files and application is updated from micro-soft store, window phone applications update automatically without your permission once its been set to update from wifi or mobile data network.

window phone supports all xap format files, window phone applicaton are complicated to operate because of lack of updates in them this happens when you refuse to update your phone, if you will be able to update your window phone applications you would like to use window phone.

window phone app developers updates their application and let you to update your phone to make your app get new updates thats reason while its good to update your apps and phone operating system because once you update your phone it will start to get new and unlimited features.

window phone has many benefits if you use it right below i would teach you how to use a window phone right.

Most articles you might read

How to set your app to update automatically however this works if you have mobile data or wifi network

swipe to window phone menu

scroll and click on Setting

How to update a window phone

once you are in setting window


How to update a window phone

swipe to your left to enter applications then click on store


scroll to App updates

How to update a window phone

you can choose to update your apps automatically


you can get updates whenever you connect a wifi network

The Check for updates button will enable you to check updates at a particular time.



This steps how to update your phone operating system.

swipe to window phone menu

How to update a window phone

scroll to setting

How to update a window phone

Click on phone updates

How to update a window phone

click on check for updates

How to update a window phone

before you update your phone make sure you have internet connection after accomplishing the whole steps listed then you have just updated your phone.

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