How to Define image “alternate text” in a post

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How to define an image alternate text in a post

Good evening, Today am going to teach about search engine optimization and how it works with alternate image text in this lesson you would know how to use image in a blog am elvis chris.

What is an alternate image: an alternate image text is the text which tells alogrithms what your image is all about.
like you would know google alogrithms dont understand image except when its defined with an alternate text.
using much keywords as an alternate text is very bad it will result as spam hence you are advised to use it according to google plolicy to keep your blog secure.

below i would teach about the bad, better, and best alternate text with its examples.
when placing image in an article always make sure you give it a caption & alternate text.

Note: when writting a post about what is technology you are expected to use “what is technology” in your alternate text.
example using multipe, same or similar keyword in an alternate text to an image is not allowed because its seen as spam.
below are they examples on how to write alternate text to an image.

BAD: <img src=”technology.jpg” alt=”technology technologies tech techno tekken game telephone technology machine technology motor engine technology”/>
the above image address written with “alternate” is very wrong because this would tell alogrithm that your picture is all about technology in multiple times and you know google hate duplicate files so it will be marked as spam and will not be active in google search appearance.

Better: <img src=”technology.jpg” alt=”technology”/> the above written is better because this will tell search engine that your picture is about technology hence it will be active to people searching about technology in search result.

Best: <img src=”technology.jpg” alt=”technology.jpg” alt=”What is technology ?” /> the above image alternanate text written is best and useful to google & its users because this will tell search engine that your image is all about technology and will also make google users to know you are defining all the need to know about technology this will define your post when people are loading your site and the are having network problem which cant preview your image the alternate text in your image will stand to define the image to clarify them to know the article the are reading about since the cant view the main image.


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Note: alternate text is also a backup to an image when a user cant view your image when having network issues the alternate text replaces your image with the alternate name assigned to it.

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