How to Delete cookies and cache in operamini browser

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How to clear cookies and cache in operamini browser

hello standcoders, Good morning. i would be teaching about how to clear cookies & cache in operamini browser however from this tutorial you would understand the follows.

  1. what is opera mini
  2. how to clear cookies and cache

what is operamini: operamini is a web browser which was developed by opera software company, previously operamini was created only for java mobile but now operamini software have extended its service to symbian, blackberry andorid, windows & IOS however operamini is written with C++ , java and pike dynamic programming languages this browser has played a good role in mobile phones since 10 August 2005, this browser was founded by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Geir Ivarsøy on 30 August 1995 .

How to clear cookies and cache below i would  teach about how to clear this histories i would like to teach about what cookies and cache is all about i hope you will be happy about this i would like you to notify me if you have any doubt about this i will definitely resolve your query.

now listen cookies are small internet data that is from a web server which you visited and this will be definitely get stored in your browser, example when you login to facebook and save password since facebook supports cookies next time you would like to login you simply need not to re-type your username and password again all you have to do is to write and it will simply take you to your profile, another example is cookies will enable you to shop cart online without loosing your products in cart even when you exit the cart window the product which you ordered will still be active in cart i mean the products will still remain in cart, enabling cookie is good this will enable stressful information which will require you to re-type everytime to be typed only once with cookie you need only to type it only the first time then it will automatically get stored in your browser.

Note: most times you are recommanded to clear your cookies if you use your browser for online transaction with credit cards, clearing cookies will make you stay out of vulnerability if your browser security is low.

What is a cache: this used to improve the loading speed of a browser, if you goto a website and open a page the page information and writeup are backed up in the cache, example you were searching for how to buy an ebook in a website at a time you saw the post but at that same time you clicked on a link which was loading if the bandwith space of that website crashes at that same time then i know you would want to look at the former post which you saw as how to buy an ebook, browsers like chrome and firefox stores cache, once you click on your back mobile button to goback to see the previous post the reason while you saw that post without knowing the bandwith of that website have crashed was because your browser stored the cache of that page then after reading once you reload, that window would notify you that the website bandwith crashed.

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Note: if you are concerned of the pages you  visits or would not like another person to see pages you have  visited in your  browser you can consider clearing your cache or you can as well use incognito mode for annonymous browsing, incognito mode is known as way of browsing in a private tab or window without the browser storing your histories information.

now i have thought you all about cookies and cache now i would teach you how to clear them in a computer.

How to clear cookies, cache and browsing histories

Launch your operamini browser

How to clear cookies and cache in operamini browser

  • Click on Opera menu

How to clear cookies in operamini browser

  • Click on setting

How to clear cookies in operamini browser

  • Click on privacy

How to clear operamini cookies

  • Click on Clear browsing data

How TO  select a  particular cookies to delete


  • Launch your operamini browser

How to clear cookies and cache in operamini browser

  • Click on Opera menu

How to clear cookies in operamini browser

  • Click on settinghow to delete cookie
  • Click on Privacy & Security
    scroll down to see Cookies
  • Click on all cookies and site data
  • Click the site cookies to highlight
    Then click on delete all

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