What is sitemap and How to submit sitemap to google search console

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Good evening today i will be teaching on google sitemap submission, i hope you understood the term sitemap, sitemap simply means the map of your entire content. example: i am in nigeria then in my school we learnt about atlas in geography, atlas will enable me to know  the country that belongs to a particular continent. example: atlas will enable you to know nigeria is in africa while england is in europe, however, a sitemap is an atlas to your blog content.

lets proceed to the teaching i hope with the illustration i did you will be able to understand what sitemap is all about.

i know you would need to submit a sitemap to enable google crawl your content, i know you are worried about this issue of google indexing your website, You have to quickly submit your sitemap this will enable google to quickly index your site content,
Google indexes your site from 48 to 72 hours or less once you have a new information in your website. hence, I will practically teach you on how to submit a sitemap for your site to get indexed.

Below we would be treating on Verification of your site with Google which is mandatory before submitting a sitemap read from here on how to verify your blog and website with google search console.

If you have successfully verified your site from the above post then proceed with sitemap submission now.

Submission of sitemap to Google Search Console

At first your sitemap is located at http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml example standcode sitemap is located at https://www.standcode.com/sitemap.xml
Sitemaps generates automatically and would lead to your links once submitted.

However, I have elaborated what you must know about sitemap submission we will have to submit it now.
Remember, before submitting sitemap your site have to be verified with google.

After you might have verified your site with google search console.

  • Login to https://google.com/webmasters
  • Click the name of your website which leads to its appearance/details
  • Click on sitemaps
  • Click add test / sitemap

how to submit a sitemap

Once you click on add Test / sitemap a window will come up
Dont write your website name again in the blank empty space because your website name is there by default so all you have to do is to write sitemap.xml in the blank space provided.

Questions we have Answered

Then click on Submit Sitemap to activate the sitemap which you created or you can click on Test to see if your sitemap is available before you add.

I hope you understand better….

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