How to Login to whatsapp using computer (pc)

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How to login to whatsapp using a computer

How to switch Whatsapp on personal computer (pc)

Good evening standcoders today i will be teaching on how to login to Whatsapp using a computer in this tutorial you would understand how to login using a pc i would like you to report to standcode or comment on this if you should  have any problem using this paticular services i hope you understand what i mean today.

Use your pc Goto download Whatsapp for pc

Then install Whatsapp mobile in your andorid, iphone or windowphone.

Then now the configuration starts.

Install the Whatsapp on your pc after the installation Whatsapp would not login because here Whatsapp would ask of your details which you have been using in your phone.

The details would be confidential and this will require you to use a barcode.

What’s a barcode: A barcode is a confidential detail numbers, pattern of parallel lines of a computer which is hidden in a sheet this will be shown to a barcode detector or camera in other for it to detected it.

Note: Human don’t understand barcode only the barcode detector can understand barcode hence your phone number and verification number is coded in cypher to a barcode once the camera is placed it detects it and log you in.

after the installation of whatsapp in your computer launch the whatsapp which you installed

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Now the Whatsapp you installed in your pc would pop up a barcode for you to scan..

Goto your phone launch your Whatsapp

Click on option/Whatsapp menu

Locate “Whatsapp web”

You would see the barcode scanner

How to login to whatsapp using a computer
Now point your phone camera to your computer screen which shows a computer scripted barcode point it directly hold it steady upto 10sec the Whatsapp barcode scanner would scan the bardcode on your computer screen after scanning it will login  to your profile
You have just completed login with your pc to Whatsapp.

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