Read on nira info .in  ssl wordpress server domain and how the work

Read on nira info .in ssl wordpress server domain and how the work

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Good afternoon standcoders, today i will be teaching on server issues & domain host names.
recently i received a message concerning some invalid ssl certificate which some users have been asking i came up with this to clarify your doubts on some web definitions which you might learn I will teach on nira, and how .info and other names came to existence.

NIRA: Nigeria Internet Registration Association is the registry of .ng domains founded on March 23, 2005 this company controls the database of .ng domains  in its country based code domain .NG, are examples of domains controlled and owned by nira.

Dot IN: This an India domain registry and was introduced in 1989 every domain registered with .in is controlled by India domain company NIXI however the National Internet Exchange of India is a government of non-profit company which was established during the year 2003 to enable neutral Internet Exchange Point services in India.

Dot.Info: This an unrestricted domain this practically means that you can obtain or have a second level domain which will be under .info, this domain is related and similar to .com and .net or even .org domain it was introduced in 2001.

Web Page: This a document created online in world wide web (www) in website or blog which can be accessed by anyone both anonymous by the process of using a web browser however anonymous may not be able to access a page if its protected or require a login, Tim Berners-Lee was a British / English scientists in CERN who invented the world wide web in 1989 the world wide web was invented to meet people demand on problems which the would be searching for and to enable scientific universities in sharing of information.

What is WordPress: This an online, website creation software scripted with PHP. WordPress is made to be the simplest however WordPress is a powerful software for blogging and creating of website its software is available in content management system (CMS) you can download wordpress software from its site here.

Note: For you to have the best experience on WordPress server hosting you would need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser you can goto your browser setting to set it enabled.

What is a Plugin: This a software that bears or have a crew of functions that can be integrated to a website. Plugins can extend a website or blog functionality/performance, plugins are programmed to implement new feature in your website based on what it was programmed for by the developer example are WordPress, the plugins which WordPress server hosting have are scripted with PHP programming language and this works with WordPress without limitation.

What is a server: This a computer service which other computer programmes are hosted on it, A computer server provides service to external computer programmes, a computer server can be purchased and can be accessed with a WiFi or mobile network from your internet service provider (ISP) like i said on my previous post on how to purchase a wordpress server from domainking .

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What is SSL certificate: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) this a security service established that controls a web server and a browser,
SSL certificate makes sure all data passed from the browser to the web server remains confidential example are purchasing item online with your credit card the secure socket layer makes sure your credit card is safe
Have you noticed this sign of icon in your pc browser “a locked key” like a padlock

standcode ssl certificate

example is log to standcode with a pc or andorid look to the left hand side of your uniform resources locator (url) task bar you would see a green padlock of key this typically means standcode is using SSL certificate which enables its address to be in this the “S” in the https means secured meaning all your transactions is secured with standcode.

Note: Other fake third party website now use SSL certificate so you have to be careful where you input your credit card.