How to create a blog and make your first income

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How to create a blogspot and make your first money
Blogspot marketing

good morning standcoders today i will be teaching on
blogspot in blogging platform in blogger lifes.
i will teach you also how to make your first earning on it.

my name is elvis chris, blogging is a way of sharing your social minds to people and in return to create revenue for your passion
through different niche this include “relationship, health, technology, news” e.t.c

blogging are in many forms although we have different platform but i will be talking about blogspot platform and how it works this will definitely enable you to create one today.

Step 1:
Login to with your google email and password

Step 2:

create a new blog or modify existing one if you have created already.

Step 3:
On the catalog above you would see all list of section which google have provided which are blogspot tools.

Step 4:
you will see post, stats, comments, $Earning, campaigns,
pages, Layout, Theme, Setting Reading List, Help.

Note: Below i would practically explain how each feature google listed above work this will definitely enable you to create yours.

this section is a window where you can create new post to your blog however when creating a post/article always include a label this will enable your articles to be grouped in any category on your dropdown menu example articles on technology category will be available on http ://YourBlog.blogspot. com/search/label/technology however including a label will enable your post to appear in related post when people are reading your articles.


Stats: this feature is provided by google this enable blog owners to know where the are getting traffic from this includes getting organic and paid traffic, also this feature will enable you to know how your blog is improving for you to know how many traffic you are having in a day, week, month, year.

Comments: comments are ways people donate a credit to a post this feature will enable your readers to comment if the post which you have published is helpful or not, whenever the comment the message which the posted will be hold on moderation you can review your comment section to know if its a spam or real comment you can decide to delete or approve, however platform like wordpress will have a plugin which controls spam and malware but in blogspot you will have to do it manaul.

$Earning: making your blog source of revenue are ways most people who are serious have succeded in life people like ogbongeblog who runs a technology and segun on nairaland have used forums and blogging to change there lifes, however this feature known as “earning” is a way bloggers archive their passion as money this feature consist mainly on advertisement you will have to advertise products and services you will have to be a publisher to adsense in other to make money using the earning section of your blogspot means its a hosted adsense,

google approves hosted adsense so cheap so what am saying is that you must be lucky if you can use a hosted adsense on your blogspot however i would like you to read my previous post on difference between hosted and non hosted adsense in other to know the best for your blog in earning programme.

Campaign: this feature will enable you to build to grow your targeted audience
if you really think you want to build up new readers or you want them to save your site as a bookmark due to how relevant you are to make them to come back to your site after different sites navigation the google adwords of campaign will practically help you on that,

AdWords can help your blog get more visibility and visitor when your keyword is targeted, this is a way bloggers can advertise his or her blog by applying this in its platform will enable google to adverstise your blog over to 500, 0000, 0000 people around the world however this programme is a premium programme you will have to pay google for them to advertise your blog to people unlike adsense where you will be a publisher and get paid on cost-per-click (CPC).

Pages: This features enables you to create a page for your blog this pages includes pages like contact section, terms and policy, help page frequently asked questions (FAQ) however you will have to create pages to increase your blog quality after creating a page you will have to hyperlink it in your theme, hyperlinking it in your theme is for advanced users because this will warrant you to edit your template practically then locating where you want to place the link

example <a href="yourblog. com/contact us.html"> contact us</a>

the above html link code will generate a link automatically in your theme for preview but note improper placing of this link code in theme will result as an error make sure you backup your theme before any expirement if you are a new user in editing of themes.

Setting page in gadget: you can equally use the gadget wizard to preview your pages which you created to your blog this requires 0% editing of theme its mainly for novice you dont have to backup to do this role all you have to do is to goto


Theme: the theme section is used to define how you want your theme to be previewed by your users example looking at the picture below the red arrow which points at button will allow you to set if you want your blog desktop version to be previewed in mobile or you want your blog to be previewed in mobile with a blogspot default template however for a standard blog you are advised to set desktop theme to be viewed in mobile than using blogspot default mobile theme template.

how to set mobile and desktop template in blogspot

the yellow arrow which points at the two buttons in the picture will allow you to customize your template to your choice however you would also see the button on the yellow button which bears then name “EDIT HTML” DONT OPEN THAT AREA IF YOU ARE A NOVICE.

that area with edit html is the core of your theme only advanced users can edit if done improperly your site is damaged.

Setting: The setting tag of blogspot is however made for bloggers to start to set their blogspot setting on blog description, setting your title and you can enable/activate your third party domain in it.

Reading list: this list is brought by google for you to know themes which might be suitable for your blog apart from the current one you are using.

HELP: the help section is established for you to find topics which might help you set and solve your blog issues by asking question to experts

Using your blog to make money:

this is what thousands of bloggers have been asking on how the can use there blog to make money for a living yes a blogger would need money for his passion and also to take care of his blog and server to enable him to be firm and create more, making money in blogging is what bloggers are looking for here you will make your first money from blogging from this article.

adsense is one of the modern network of cost per click (cpc) owned by google, adsense pays once you are a publisher to its advertisers by publishing there adverts in your blog and you would get paid on each single click any of your guest clicked on the advert placed, adsense pays once your adsense account attracts/reach the amount of $100 i would like you to read my previous post on adsense and how it works adsense is relevant and good in times of high earning on cost per click..

we have other cpc networks like MGID, INFOLINKS, ADIQUITY, Adbuff, Revcontent, Vibrantmedia this other advert networks are related to adsense and equally good however this works depending on the rate of traffic you are getting at each day there are thousands of ad network but make sure you dont display more than 3 types of ad from different company in your website some advert company will not allow you to display other advert network in other not to violate there policy and get banned its good you follow it however having different ad networks can equally slow your blog peformance in times of seo .

when you reach the maximum earning amount based on the company policy about its limits of withdrawal like for adsense limit of withdrawal you must reach $100 before you withdraw in adsense you can withdraw directly from your bank account or you can use payoneer card to withdraw you can read my previous post on how to withdraw money from adsense using a payoneer card.

this are other ways you can use to create revenue to your site,
you can make money from your blog through marketing of products and selling of your products to your users like ebooks and other products you own you can decide to create a shop online platform known as E-commerce to sell products online i would want you to read my article which i wrote previously on how to build a marketing niche blog this will definitely help you more.

Affliate programme like amazon are good ways of selling products on your site to your clients and getting paid by amazon this are ways to make money from your blog you can also make money from your blog by uploading music and video for artist who sings also by sharing sponsored posting the term sponsored posting is a huge way of making extra income someone might come to your website and ask for a sponsored posting about him or his product to be published in your web/blog before you publish you would require money from him or her.

Blogspot is however lucrative to bloggers because in this role you will enjoy unlimited bandwith and space but the space is limited to you cant upload music and videos but you can embed a youtube video in it.

the blogspot platform is restricted in some parts you wont control your privacy and terms because you will have to abide 100% of google services terms,

every blogspot theme is programmed with html, jquery,
javascript and css however the popular programming language known as php is 0% in blogspot theme hence you are advised to hire a web developer who knows the above code listed above to design and edit your theme to your taste hope you understand what i mean today,

unlike wordpress which is programmed with many codes known as php.
am teaching you every thing you have to know about blogspot,

Most articles you might read about blogging

Difference between blogspot and blogger

Blogger: a blogger is a person who blogs articles on any platform as specified below wordpress, , joomola and other platforms of web,

remember we have hundreds platforms of web softwares for blogging wordpress is no.1.
a blogger can sign up in any web hosting company such as domainking, namecheap, godaddy and many more although those mentioned above are paid hosting where your blog can be hosted and you can use any software in the content management system unlike blogspot where you can sign up in to own a blog, a blogger in premuim hosting is however specified to control his/ her privacy and security.

blogspot: blogspot is a blog company owned by google this company created a platform where you can publish your gossips and news like a diary and there bandwidth and storage capacity is unlimited for pictures and video you can embed a video from youtube to your blogspot like i said earlier hope you understand what i mean.
am elvis chris programmer a standcode official seo expert.

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