This the code for online mp3 tagger

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This the online mp3 tagger code

Good morning , my name is elvis chris today i will be teaching on mp3 tagger this tager has been requested by many users in standcode, mp3 audio listening has gone viral on net which everyone downloads today however most wapmasters finds it difficult downloading and editing before uploading to there site or blog of cousre you know a music must be edited before uploading to a blogger blog however this tag will save you from the following.

  • This tagger will save your time while editing music online.
  • it will enable you to add your website tune advert jingle to the music which you are editing.
  • tager will also allow you to add your website abulm art.
  • this tagger will let you add song name, artist name, comment, band name, composer, copyright details, encodeding name, track number and the year the music was released.
  • It is easy to use.
  • it has a high css value which you will replace its name in the empty element container.

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it works all you have to do is to get a hosted music url from wordpress and paste then edit to your taste this tagger will edit at mp3cabal which is its host all you have to do now is to sign up in website then after signing up login to your passport email and goto admin mode and add this code to your xml/xhtml or if you dont want to use wapka to install this code you can kindly create a new page in your wordpress and paste this code then after installation preview the page and paste the url of the music in the url music name box and edit to your taste hope you are clarified if you would need more elaboration feel free commenting to enable us fix any bug and to clarify you more thanks this the standcode official.

<div align="left" class="list1"><a href=""><b>standcode oficial</b></a></div> <div align="left"><div class="lightgreen"><b>your album tagger header should be here</b></div></div>
<form method="post" action="" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Mp3 URL</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_filepath" value="http://" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Filename</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_filename" value="_(" /> </div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Song name/title</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_songname" value=" |" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Album</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_album" value="" /> </div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Artist(s)</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_artist" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Comment</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_comment" value="Download ebook From" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Band</b><br /><input size="25" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_band" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Publisher</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_publisher" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Composer</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_composer" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Original Artist</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_original_artist" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Copyright</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_copyright" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Encoded By</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_encoded_by" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>User Defined Url</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_user_defined" value=""/></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Commercial Url</b><br /><input size="22" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_wxxx" value="" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Track Number</b><br /><select name="track" class="input"><option value="0">0</option></select></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b>Released Year</b><br /><select class="input" name="mp3_year"><option value="2018">2018</option></select></div><div class="your css to be here"><b>Genre</b><br/><select name="mp3_genre" class="input">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="place your option value here">replace with same option value</option>
<div class=""><b>Image URL</b><br/><input size="30" type="text" class="input" value="put your album art url image here" name="album_art" /></div>
<div class="your css to be here"><input type="checkbox" name="mp3_voice_track" /><b>Add Voice Track</b> (Optional)</div>
<div class="your css to be here"><b> standcode Voice Track Url</b> [<a href=""><b>Make Track</b></a>]<br /><input size="35" type="text" class="input" name="mp3_voicetrack" value=" here" /><br/>
put Track On <input type="radio" name="mp3_voice_track_add" value="first" checked="yes" />First <input type="radio" name="mp3_voice_track_add" value="last" />Last</div>
<div class="your css to be here"><input type="checkbox" name="mp3_info_view" checked="checked" />View Taged File Information?<br />
<center><input size="25" type="submit" name="submit" value="Edit Tags" /></center></div>

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