These you should learn about Dcma blog ban

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these you should learn about dcma ban
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Good morning today I will be teaching on Defence contact management Agency . this normally known as (DCMA) by most bloggers my name is Elvis chris.
My topic today will enable you to be absent in blog ban hope you understand me ?

Most bloggers has complained about their blog been banned by dcma.

yes its true, it was banned and this was caused by you. this happens to people who pirate an owned content from a third-party.

What is dcma: Defense contact management Agency is a system of online government in united states copyright law which works with all web host and search engine against copyright infringement violation. Example: “seo larceny, index departure; copied content, marketing and business material which has been stolen; pirating of registered videos and audio’s.” DCMA is large organization in the United states .

What do I mean by this: Most bloggers will pirate an owned product, media and services of a real registered party. In dcma without minding, although this is very bad Because I want you to know that dcma have a super-computer algorithm in other to search for the core of the web to know more of hosted piracy which offenders has hosted. other wards you can’t escape their detection if you violate their terms.

Its good you avoid this role of platform in piracy. am telling you with all respect, once you get a dcma ban, your whole blog uniform resources locator (url) which has been crawled and indexed by google will be un-indexed its not only this, your blog rank will die forever and you cant regain it. However, this will enable you to change your company blog name because its now un-valued.

Dcma is a strict service against violation of policy from a third party. however, am teaching you to be careful from source you copy from, because this can make you loose the whole stress you have passed for 10 years in blogging life. DCMA organization don’t care about what you have passed through before you became popular. hence, you have to write owned articles to be relevant to search engine and score absent in dcma ban history.

Dcma have two platforms this include the free and paid platform. however, placing the dcma badge in your blog will enable them to protect your content on free, but to take down website who copied you once a year. however, the paid plan is to be taken down once the victim reports. On paid plan, the will provide you with the tools which will enable you to take down an offender site. you can protect your pictures, videos and music from thieves. you can protect your pictures with a dcma watermark logo also the badge enables you to warn your viewers against coping, hope you understand?

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Writing your content is original and it makes your website or blog relevant. this will enable people to value it, stop pirating people’s service. Pirating of content dis-value’s your blog. hence, you have to make your self relevant by been original hope you understand ? my name is Elvis chris I teach bloggers and webmasters a standcode official SEO expert.

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