This you have to learn about content formatting to retain your visitor

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learn about blog text formatting
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good evening. i will be teaching on how to improve your blog
and website, my name is elvis chris am a programmer i teach bloggers and webmasters.

hope you understand?

Do you know you can rank on google first page? this depends on the keyword you have specified to search engine.

remember, i must tell you keywords are different from niche. this means using a wrong keyword will definitely set your blog back to base no matter what niche which you must have selected. This typically means you will be at the back of the game. hence, you are advised to build a nice keyword for any niche when formatting an article.

Example: when you are blogging about health, you are advised to select keywords specified on health. using different keyword not related to health will definitely kill your blog. hence, i advise you to surf on keyword first before going to the wrong path.

before using any of the above, I hope you understood what i meant ?

note: when you are on technology niche search engine expect you to use keyword mainly on technology. using keyword not related to technology is seen as bug and this will hinder you from appearing in google first page.

hope you understand what am saying?
appearing in google first page, this means search engine have really trusted your web and keyword.

their are things which search engine wants you to do these include:

text formatting: you are required to format your content or article to a standard form, wordpress and blogspot has a good text formatting tool / wizard. a nice formating will enable your readers to depend on you.

About Formatting your article to a standard level, this will definitely increase your readability and definitely decrease your bounce rate . This because you are relevant to your users and when your readability is good this also mean its easy for search engine to detect you.

you can use seo plugin like yoast. Yoast is recommanded as an SEO plugin because it scores your article readability bad, good; best on its analytics dashboard.

placing of keyword: you are also required to place your keyword on the good surface, what do i mean by this step ? your keyword should be placed in your first and second paragraph, atleast five (5) keyword are expected to be written between your first and second paragraph.

“Your five keywords should be bolded with a html bold tag: i will teach you on how you will format, in order to be relevant to search engine.” you have to bold all your five keywords with a html bold tag as i have

specified below.

“<b> Your keyword to be here</b>


 <strong>your keyword to be here</strong>

the specified tags above are of the same work, so you dont need to worry on selecting any of them. you can use one of the above as its required by search engine.

Note: bold your five keywords in first, second and third paragraph, this will enable search engine to match your content automatically because you have specified it above to its alogrithms.

paragraph: any article without a paragraph is like buying a car without an engine, although you would paragraph to your readers taste. no body would like to read block of letters this absolutely pisses your visitors off, when the come to your site and see that your articles are not well oraganised in a way the will understand the will exit with their next button. because everybody wants easy feature, so as you are reading this in order to improve your ranking. i know you would’nt like it to be complicated based on how am explaining.

the paragraph tag is known as

<p> your message to be here, absolutely this creates a paragraph </p>


bullets and numbering: its good to use this tag, this tag is used to create numbers on list of item in an article, this simply means when ever you are creating a table of content in your article try to use a bullet to create stations in your articles lines. its good to use it because this will definitely clarify your visitors on your articles lines. example whenever you are differentiating about a product or noting the merits and demerit of any products, its good you use bullets and numbers to identify for people to know your says. hope you understand what am saying?

quote: the sign quote “” is usually used to reply the previous user message this will help your visitor to know you are trying to say what has been said before by another user. example you are quoting a friend

about what moz seo said on page seo you will use this tag

<blockquote> your quoting message to be here </blockquote>

quote is used to say what you know from another source.

this are examples of html text formatting tags

  • <address> this tag is used to create an address form in a letter when using wordpress or blogspot formatting too
  • <b> this used to Bold a text
  • <strong> this is used to create an Important text
  • <i> this used to create an Italic text
  • <em> this used to create an Emphasized text
  • <mark> this used to create a Marked text
  • <small> <this used to create a Small text
  • <del> this used to create a Deleted text
  • <ins> this used to create an Inserted text
  • <sub> this used to create Subscript text
  • <sup> this used to create Superscript text
  • <h1> this used to create a heading of a new paragraph

  • <h2> this also used to create a heading as well as h1 but its mainly used as creating sub-heading, others include h3, h4, h5, h6 the higher the number the smaller the heading. this you should know

    How to create a category in WordPress

    Category has been a tool used on assigning a particular row of post to a particular group. example when your blog is about technology as a niche, in this niche you would have sub categories which would bear phones, seo; WordPress and blogspot.

    Category would help you differentiate the post which you published to a specified group name, this will enable your guest to understand more of your post & navigations.

    example the person who clicked on phone would see the post with phones, same applies to other categories which has a post attached to it.

    Category will enable your users to navigate your site easily. however, this also helps you in terms of search engine optimization (seo) because this will make you relevant and also makes your navigation menu easy. enabling your site for easy optimization is what google requires from any website or blog.

    its not good when blogging about technology then you have sports as category and keywords, however, this will kill your site SEO. always use the correct category, similar or main part to your niche

    example any technology blog should have WordPress, blogspot; marketing as its category menu. example:  standcode category consist of wapka, WordPress; blogspot and seo. it has the above because its a tutorial & technology website.

    you can create a category by going to your WordPress publish window (post screen). scroll downwards to categories on the right hand screen meta box, click on Add New then you can add your Category link.

    however, this would create a category once you input the name and click on add new. Try marking the category to get it selected.

    this post which you published will however bear the specific category which you marked. while publishing you can locate your category post with this uniform resources locator (url) http :// www. Yoursitename .com/category/WordPress, in the above url which i wrote, change “/WordPress” to the category name which you created hope you understand?

Most articles you might read

its good you clarify your visitors with a text formatting tool, this will help them to understand any of your articles whenever you are differenting about a product or when you are listing products. try to use bullets and numbers to list items accordingly,

use bold tag or heading tag to create a heading or sub-heading for a new definition to a second paragraph. this will help your visitors to actually know what you are talking about. in any article its good you clarify your visitors on your blog because this will enable them to be your constant viewers. thanks my name is elvis chris a standcode official i teach bloggers and webmasters.

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