Learn How to create a facebook account

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This how to create a facebook account

Learn to create an account on facebook

Good morning ladies and gentlemen am elvis chris today i will be
teaching on how to create a facebook account although most
people have been experiencing errors on creating facebook account but today i will
clarify you all on its creation.

Facebook is a social network where an individual interact with people
the know 95% and 5% of people you may know, however facebook is for people
you know, adding people you dont know might cause you blocked from  faceook security bot
hope you understand, i speak to you dont add anybody you dont know your account might be spammed by the person and this can definitely block your account.

although i would be teaching on facebook account creation.

these are steps you must take to archive a facebook account
open your browser navigate to http:// type Https ://facebook. com on your (PC)
the next window will open.

now you are on the signup page same as homepage
based on the picture posted above you can see all field are empty now you
would fill it .

Note: its mandatory to fill all field with your correct information incase
you lost your account it will be used to retrive your it when lost or forgotten.

FIRST NAME: first name is your real name you will have to provide
your real first name example name you used on your identity card.

MOBILE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS: this field is extremely important its good to use your real number or email
this will help you verify your account after creation, it enables you to recover your password
when lost, although you can change privacy in your setting on who can see your number or email
family, friend of friends or only me this “only me” will enable only you to see it.

PASSWORD: this field is extremely important and its marked with asterisks its meant to
be confidential this field is your own security which protects your account dont share it with any one choose a mixed password
character with signs and numbers are good ways of creating password

BIRTHDAY: you must provide a birthday in other to improve user
and friends experience, this will be used to notify your friends whenever your birthday
is approaching.

GENDER: you will select either male or female based
on the category which you fall.

NEXT: you will have to read facebook terms and policy and abide click on create account / SIGN UP
after clicking, facebook would notify you in your email with a link or code number
which will be used to verify your account,

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open your email on a different window then open your inbox
if not seen open your junk box then click on the link to verify your account or copy the code
from the email which is always in this form “567889” and paste in your verification window on  facebook and verify your account

if you used phone number same applies you will have to check the phone sim which you used its number and copy the copy to verify your account
you are done… your account is ready my name is elvis chris i teach webmasters and bloggers i teach seo and blogs i build blogs on monetization.

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