Learn to know where your google search traffic penalty comes from

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This you have to know where your search traffic penalty comes from

This you have to know on seo to know where your search traffic penalty comes from

There are things I would like you to know also to participate,
Do you know building seo on new sites with 0% Alexa rank is outputted to perform well than old sites ordained on SEO.

Most bloggers are penalised but the dont know the been left by algorithm , there are two types of penalty you should know on Google although I have ordained many people on seo both on home services I will definitely teach you about this fact,

we have manual penalty and algorithm penalty, manual are caused because of  inactivity to your content example article with less than 50 words can be penalized , another is duplication of content and coping of post in other to cheat google let me tell you something,

i have analysed with all tools and software’s i found out that no one in this world can cheat google algorithm rather you get a penalty if tried.

no matter how brilliant or code-flag you are I speak to you, you cant break syntax to there algorithm, this happens because google is a big organization with mainframe experts there is no how someone operating a (pc) personal computer can defeat a body operating on mainframe & supercomputer however I would like to teach you base on characteristics of computer we have by type such as pc, mini, super-computer and mainframe computer although mainframe and supercomputer are the largest computer in the world that can serve 1million users at a particular given time and mainframe cost about $75,000.


this picture showing mainframe computer

mainframe computer cost $75,000


this is picture showing a super computer

supercomputer cost $100 million


don’t try to be a blackhat worker or splogger, new sites on seo are to perform Than old sites this you should note if you are building new site try to import And learn  seo   first.

Most articles you might read

Algorithm penalty also referred as automatic penalty are ones penalized by algorithm bot and this can result as you to be on low traffic from google most of your indexed post will not be ranked as usual your search performance would reduce and you will lose a lot of ranks another is AdSense ban whenever your domain is banned on AdSense you are on automatic penalty you must loss traffic and ranks because you are banned on Adsense this can take a period of 2years to correct while manual penalty can take 6 months depending on ones individual account.

Automatic penalty cant be resolved else you resolve the issue which got you penalized.

Although manual penalty can be resolved I will show you how to see if you have a manual penalty you have to create a google webmaster account if you don’t have one and a sitemap I think this the time you should create it.

  1. login to google webmaster tools
  2. then click on your property which is your site on the dashboard
  3.   click  SEARCH TRAFFIC
  4. click on MANUAL ACTIONS

If you see No manual webspam actions found.

then you should know you have no manual penalty and if you continue to loose your search traffic kindly know you have automatic penalty in my next lesson I would teach you on how to resolve automatic penalty my name is Elvis Chris a standcode official am a programmer I teach SEO to bloggers and webmasters I teach about blogs on monetization.

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