These you have to avoid and are ways your blog got hijacked

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most steps to enable you free from xss file

Good morning ladies and gentlemen today I will be teaching on loopholes and cross site script files and how the work,
My name is Elvis Chris I teach bloggers and webmasters
But first of all you need to ask yourself what is a loopHole, many people think since the maintain there password as it is case sensitive that no body would access there blog database that is not “true”
today by my lesson you shall learn all about loopholes these against blackhat and greyhat who hijacks.

its safe to practise ethical this to educate bloggers and webmasters on how to secure there database.

recently even previously I received so many messages about bloggers saying the has been hijacked meanwhile I would like you to read about “xss file” read all about it .
bloggers who cant read more on these let me elaborate to you.

Note to xss file : This a Cross-site scripting , a computer security vulnerability in web applications server hope you understand me.

in this lesson the xss file can be used to send a malicious script to a particular blogger to hook on without knowing like i thought on my previous post on splog on how blackhats used it to affect blogs.

Example when an attacker send this pop up/JavaScript to you then after you have hooked without knowing the file runs on background without your consent also will record your session in the xss file
application of the attacker as session “1”

since you are still online without quitting the attacker extracts your details from your pc cookies because you are hooked to the xss application without knowing this the role of JavaScript
most of these are injected through chrome console.

Let me not leave the lesson of loopholes let me continue on it I wanted to teach you about xss file vulnerability its a cross site scripting.

loophole is a very critical error to every server and remember no standard website is with a loophole because no matter how your security might be with a loophole your databases will be exploited
and it will be accessed.

Exploits happen when you are vulnerable don’t be vulnerable.

Lets make things work out today with this lesson you cant be vulnerable again 95% of bloggers are vulnerable expectially those on WordPress
if top sites are vulnerable there database ill be accessed no matter what the use on there server as security.

What is vulnerability on server: Its when your database is exposed to a hacker these can happen in many ways.

Most bloggers don’t care about updating there plugin do you know that any plugin that’s not upto date can lead your website been hacked I know you would ask me how?

The attacker will exploit your database to know your weakness and remember the attacker penetrates with a little space that’s the term “loophole“.

Any plugin out of date means there is a hole in it hackers can inject these cross site scripts also inject other malicious threads malware.

When you have 10 plugins and one seem not upto date these space of loophole is there to expose you to a malicious injector.

Don’t worry I won’t forget to teach you how to control this.
Saving your files from loopholes I would advice you to check your plugin section to check for updates to update as it been released because a single un-updated plugin can lead your site
been hijacked by exploitation of a blackhat.

Most WordPress bloggers don’t update their theme these practically wrong .
Don’t worry I know your reason you decline to update your theme so that you wont loose your customization but am asking have you considered owning a child theme ?

About plugin update:

Updating of plugin makes you loose 0% customization except updating of theme which can restart and wipe your customization in this case any theme not upto date has a loophole.
many developers release there updates on plugin monthly however you may not be chanced to update plugin on your own this really stressful but I tell you we have automatic updates this programme allows your plugin to update automatically once there is an update.
I would advice you to keep your theme upto date but before that I would advice you to build a child-theme.

Child theme allows you to update your parent theme without loosing your customization to avoid loopholes I can really help you on that any WordPress without a child-theme has a loophole and
can be exploited because you are always afraid of loosing your files when updated.

Your blog  can be hacked from un-updated plugins, theme, and WordPress software.
For bloggers looking for automatic updates in my next lesson i would teach about inventing automatic updates in your blog this will work by all your plugin and themes updating itself whenever a new version of update is released.

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Your site has not been hacked since you haven’t updated these files is because your blog is not known any top blog with a loophole will be hijacked if tried.

I wrote this thread to educate bloggers on their mistakes in blogging life and to protect them don’t be vulnerable my name is Elvis Chris I teach bloggers and webmasters I build blogs on monetization

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