These how search bot crawl your blog content on seo

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this how search bot crawl your post from alt tags

Improvement of alt tags to enable the crawler search more on your content

Today i will be teaching on tips improve your seo with alt image tags This link shows you to know how google crawls your alt tags from your images the above show pictures its alt tags are “search bot

i will advise you to pay attention to it,
Do you know that image has its own keyword and this
keyword can be placed in your alternate tags.

keyword has played a large impact is google alogrithm,
google use
keyword to make search engine focus on your site content
to know if you have
a relevant content.

using of keyword is very important and i will say its mandatory
for you to do it and also practise it always in order to
your blog effectivity based on what i said
ealier on my previous post on how keyword work.

but when using a keyword i would advice you
please Do not over-use “keywords” into header tags
example <h1>your keyword</h1>

when writing an article
consider improvement on your writting skills for
human because its the power factor this you have to know.

consider importing your keywords to each web page.
Create a stacking order,
and make sure your keywords have a relating concept
in relationship.

another important role is for you to tell search engine
on how it will crawl your content make sure your <H1> tags
utilize your most important keywords and must relate
mainly to the page content and page title.

<h1> tags tells the crawler what your post is all about
so make sure you improve on your heading tags.

another is the Sub-headings make sure the sub-heading
(<H2>, <H3>, <H4>)
relate to the page/post content

but these can focus on longer tail or lesser important keywords.
hope you understand me?

for those that mainly write upto 2000 words mostly those on
reletionship niche
you should know for longer post/page,
use header tags to break up your articles to
improve user-experience in your website.

these are the main impact of your blog to seo

the very thing google programmed in there
alogrithm is for there crawler to focus on great content so you must make sure your keywords are in your alternate image tag.
to enable your visitors to return to your blog make sure you write a great content

dont waste your time thinking to trick seo like
wordpress users try to edit there config.php in order to trick seo on cron-debug
this will definitely kill your seo.

make sure your heading and your sub-heading has
somehow related.

short words articles does not do
well in search engine i will consider you to improve on this.

study your web pages goto your competitor copy his post
run a check on it to know how many words his using for a post to
improve yours.

make sure you have a share plugin, great
content makes users to
share your articles and recommand
you and may backlink you without your notice.
Engagement and track-backs can help you
on SEO to optimize their content.

Keywords that are used in header should reflect to the
your keywords should occur naturally,
never force keywords into your

Improve the presentation of your articles using
images or interactive web design elements
to define your says but dont fail to input your keyword in your images.

since google cant understand the images used in your blog
in their search engine
however you are advised to use alternate tags to define your
image to search engine example

<img src="image address" alt="define your keyword here"/> 

using of ALT text for images in your body content makes search
robust to your content

make sure you use singular and plural versions of
your keywords where appropriate for increased visibility in search.

build your website/blog structure interactive make your content
easily readable–designing, web content
is not the same as designing content for print publications
so dont make your colors and pictures rampard.

most recommanded articles you might read

Help structure your content with text attributes
such as bold, bullet lists, italic, where its required to be,
which is good for SEO and users readership
hope you understand me ?
my name is elvis chris i teach bloggers and webmasters.

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