these you have to know about building marketing niche in blogging

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this you must know about bloggers on marketing niche

Building  marketing niche in blogging

Good evening today i will be teaching on blogs marketing  most bloggers have there niche on marketing but wouldnt know how to monetize it but with this guide today you will be qualified to think and have a change on it.

most bloggers dont understand the word  “blogging” People who opt to this platform are people who can invest upto a million naira for advert for them to get advertised.

one moment I almost forgot something,

this days most bloggers write an awareness saying the would like to open a blog for business  example “marketing, selling of ebooks, containers, goods”  i mean selling of product and services if you would understand what i mean.

today am here to elaborate for you to know more about blogging, although blogging is lucrative base on my previous post as i said ealier ,  everyone have to own a blog for his services even when you own a small scheme company you need it i mean its mandatory.

myth: when you are  not online then you are offline.

this expectially for people on marketing blogs, most bloggers opt to backlink there fellow blogger in other to make there website a busy area for guest posting tell me why would you create to write articles for bloggers with a “Dofollow” command its definitely good but in terms of seo this will render you down cause you must be on penalty if your site is low ranked during the backlink, any site without traffic /seo will be penalized if there is much external linking except inbound backlinking which is permanently advised however bloggers creating account backlinking each other in articles is very bad this definitely will kill your seo since you are new with 0% seo

Let me elaborate,  having ebooks and product is good but above will work if you have a nice traffic,

many bloggers host products on there own which the never knew how it was coded from the developer who owns it,

warning: you can be sued for this act.

this very bad on bloggers  pirating.

if you are a third party to the product, hosting of its services requires the owner permission else it can be taged as piracy.

if you would like to host its good you seek permission from the owner than been on piracy.

instead of pirating I advise you to hyper-link to the owner of the product page or site else hosting it will ban your website also terminate your seo in outline,

hope you understand what i mean ?

if possible you have your own ebook or other products which you established on your own i mean you been owner of it you might be worried on how to sell it online but i tell you for you to meet up your demand you will need to have a nice traffic to have enough guest to your post

hope you understand?

You can simply get views for your ebooks and other products by advertising to known site that has cumbersome traffic, you pay a capital to them to sale your product hyperlinked to your web that will actual improve your seo, however establishing the above mentioned on your own without guide is on low quality if you can’t invest in traffic. there are things you need to think on before going to marketing niche. its stated below.

Ways of traffic: although this the chief method you have to invite traffic first in other to sale.

Good products: you must make sure your products are reliable and relevant for people to buy because when its is good the buyer tells his/her fellow to buy from you.

Out from thread: you must make sure your product is scanned before uploading to enable the safe of your delivery.

Advertising: you will be required to open a facebook page to brand your products having instagram page to show your daily or monthly reviews, twitter to tweets your says on daily basis this absolutely will help you, else you can register for advertisement in top sites to advertise your site for visitors to view your site and buy your products.

Price: your cost will be amended for people to afford i mean making it affordable.

value your product:  since marketing is your business you have to make your server well effective to enable your activity all day long .

note: you must go for a good server purchase in other to accept the good traffic.

Customer care: one on marketing niche must have a robust service to resolve bug on products to customers.

Trust worthy: although this the most part you have to play, as an expert you need to be loyal of course customers are always right make sure you work according to your words, dont cheat, work according to what you said .

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wait i almost forgot something.

you will need to have terms and policy, helps/ faq ( frequently asked question) and your rules to make every customer to abide to make defaulters/offenders guilty and also you send them message to tell them when the have offended to make your scheme trust worthy. my name is elvis chris am a programmer i teach bloggers and webmasters i build blogs on montization.

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