These are recommanded search engine your blog should be included

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these are types of search engine
Blogspot Seo WORDPRESS

TOADY i will be teaching on search engines although we have various
types of search engine which you all know today, although you have to be famous in atleast one of them.
what are mine
saying you have to appear in ones optimization when viewed by guest in search engine window.
my name is elvis chris am a programmer in nigeria.
we have types of search engine optimimization this you must know today.
hope you understand what am saying on this point.

we have thousands of search engine few are stated below.

these are most recommanded ones by standcode.
google is the most popular search engine among all.

google is lucrative and bing and yandex are good in many systems, bing is
second among them hope you get what am saying,

Google search engine

Google was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and its history began from
January 1996 when they were Ph.D. students in Stanford University (USA) California
I said in my early post on larry page controlling google spam bot and how spammer uses splog to kill a blog,

Alexa company monitors the
commercial web traffic, lists Google as the most /popular visited website in the world.

Other Google services and list are also figured in the top hundred (100) most visited websites,
including its youtube and blogger. Google is the valuable and higher brand in the world in 2017/2018.

Bing search engine
You all must have known bing most bloggers and webmasters use it as there source of traffic from bing algorithm bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft.

Bing service has its origins/root in Microsoft’s previous engines known as MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search.

This search engine called bing although provides variety of search, list above web, video, image and map search. Bing was developed/invented by

What is

this you have to know its an open-source server-side web application theoretical account
, was designed for web development to produce good Friendly web pages on service.

what you have to know about yandex

Yandex is a Russian
technology company, yandex of Russia specialises on the
Internet services and internet products.
Yandex is the biggest and largest technology company in its country ,
Yandex have the largest and biggest search engine in Russia so for bloggers specializing on yandex should improve there result to get a nice Russian
search traffic although yandex was founded in 1997 by Arkady Volozh and his associates
Arkady Borkovsky
Ilya Segalovich.
hope you understand me ?

Although bloggers these mentioned three search engine I recommend you to include your blogs other like,
DuckDuckGo will definitely crawl your site. hope you understand what am saying.

Advice: i tell you to abide on these advice which am to say below.

Don’t bother for other search engines the crawl your blog content automatically from google try to have a good and relevant article in google search that’s the key.

Don’t goto any company promising you to pay a Ransome for them to register you in thousands of search engine, all those saying that are search engine spammers
the will end up ordaining your blog with penalties on google like I said earlier on automatic backlinks how blogs are been penalised.

most recommanded articles you might read

Make sure you submit a sitemap to each search engine.

Warning: Don’t ever submit two sitemap files to avoid duplicate content on 301 files you can know more about 301 and 302 files.

Make sure your sitemap have an .xml file extension example yourwebsite. com/sitemap.xml

Make sure you use relevant backlinks
Don’t backlink much when you dont have a good seo. improvement is recommanded.

Low rated Bloggers can be great

do you know your service can also be like the top bloggers we know today ?
it depends on your effort to your business today am going to teach you on it hope you understand what am saying .

however i know trying to be like them is so complicate to do but it is very easy if you can decide on it hope you get what am saying.

i will definetely teach you on how to be like them standcode is here to help you.

what is health of a blogger?

health of a blogger is when you determine on your effort towards your work, what are this
work which am saying, one have  to be determined on his efforts. blogging is not all about posting
its not all about knowing  languages  html, php, jquery, ajax.

what is a blogger ?

a blogger is an entrepreneur who invest in his business to earn more revenue.
revenue are the business you do online to earn an income.

  • this you have to know every blogger have to
    be fateful.
  • every blogger have to be sincere.
  • every blogger have to do  work his paid for.

however frauding and claiming to a non-personal belonging is a bad act to every blogger.

most new bloggers will come today with a day old blog yet the look for adsense this not the rule.

adsense is not the money, the money is your traffic so you must struggle enough to get it,
traffic is the main source of revenue to every blogger hope you understand what am saying.

most bloggers ask how can i get traffic you cant get traffic without a hard work one backlink cant give you enough traffic
even though your link is posted in naij. com

you need a quality backlink.

what are quality backlinks ?
the are  backlink gotten for a high source of traffic website every blogger need atleast (1000)
one thousand backlink to appear in first page of google hope you all understand what am saying.

how can i get this backlink ?

you will need to buy backlink,  we have automatic backilnk and manual backlink
automatic backlinks are full of spam hope you understand what am what saying . manual backlink is the best recommanded you can pay top blogs and websites to link you a dofollow backlink.

my name is elvis chris a standcode official i teach bloggers and webmasters.

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Elvis Chris
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