These are steps to unblock your blog link on facebook

These are steps to unblock your blog link on facebook

My website was blocked this the solution

Good evening today I will be teaching on website blocking,
this how its been said. many bloggers complain about this issue the cry everyday saying “why did mark blacklist my web name
Its an unfortunate for you if you are a victim this problem has made many blogger to buy new web name although with this guide you will inline to  overcome it.

But at first you have to ask yourself why did mark blacklist my web name.
Note: These are things that might make you to be in blacklist.
Reason: Your website might be malicious or exposed to malwares  such as disguised plugins, source code manipulation, malicious redirection, drive-by downloads, phishing, or via backdoors.  although facebook care for its users security on malware, the block malicious links in other to save there users and there server from viruses.

  • Your website might be be flagged as spam, any website flagged as spam severely the facebook bot bans it.
    Your link contains pornography which is against facebook community standards.
    Your link has a phishing page, your link is used to scam people login details.
    Your link has a terrorist group name or similar to blackhat hacking although the haven’t specified if the support whitehat hack link names.
    Your link was posted in several forums and groups, without any administrator approval, this issue is caused on those who spams on groups that’s made only for administrative post anonymous post are declined and might give your link name a mark of spam if administrator fails to approve.

However the block on your web name is not from mark “CEO of FACEBOOK” he’s not aware of your blocking.
Facebook is a social network with upto one (1) billion users so most works are done by bots however your website name was blocked by a bot and its temporary blocking but might be permanent if you haven’t resolved the issue of the previous block.

Below standcode will help you to unblock your web name since you know what caused it, i will recommend you to follow this link to unblock your web name and also fill the forms as stated below.

Note: If after submitting and your website wasn’t unblocked kindly know the issue that caused the blocking in your site haven’t Been resolved i mean still active.

how to unblock your web from facebook


on the screenshot you can see where i wrote “your website address here” in that first box replace that with your uniform resources locator (url) then the next is specifing the authentication of your website to tell them how you own or was reffered to the web.  i selected “THIS IS A WEBSITE I OWN/PROMOTE”

Note: choosing the first open i stated tells facebook support you own the website absolutely.

other steps like “i was only trying to share this link” and “other” makes them think you are annonymous to the website and  you are trying to unblock so you must must use the first i recommand.


how to unblock your website from facebook

on the box you can see where its written “please explain why you think this was an error” in the above box try to prove the ownership of your website by telling them you own the website the blocked and you never violated there policy secondly run some analysis with mcafee, google, sucuri, qualys website online scan copy the address/url of your analysis and state it in the box to tell them you own your website and its free from malware proving there bot blocking an error to your website after that then click on send for submittion , if true your website is totally comfirmed and free from malware as you may have detected previously and resolved it before contacting them then your website will be unblocked within some minutes

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below are the link you will follow to unblock your website, my name is elvis chris a programmer a standcode official i teach bloggers and webmasters.
Unblock my website from facebook

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  1. A number of web sites have pages listing rules of behavior for people participating in discussions. Reading them is a good idea. For example, I remember that one site stated that using more than three URL’s in a comment would cause it to be blocked because a large number of spam items would have lists of URL’s. Some sites will ban comments and URL’s that could be viewed as an advertisement for sale of products or services.

    Many sites carry ads that are provided by a service (e.g. Google Ads). If one of the ads contained something that might be malicious code, that could cause the entire site to be blacklisted.

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