What is a splog ? in blogger

What is a splog ? in blogger

What bloggers dont actually know about splogs in blog

Good afternoon today I will teaching on splog that name sounds rare or new to you but am saying it right now, its rampared this you will know after my explanation below,

hope you understand my name is Elvis Chris many people has failed in because of splog and am teaching it now.

I know your first question will be what is a splog ?

Am answering now listen attentively splog are fake sites of spam which are built solely in promoting affiliated Web sites and blogs with the mind of boosting search engine optimization and boost website results.

Splog are written with long article intending to be part of your website many are comments others come through your contact window. splogs comes in with advertisement and promotion regarding the website the are talking. the stole original content from authentic sites in other to spam on It and target there competitor keywords to throw on them as an attack this Is reason while your 2 days old WordPress blog have upto 200 comments and several pingback .

Today my vision to standcode I must elaborate this cause I know it and I will teach you on it. hope you understand me.
Splog are full of links in other to fool the crawler which indexes your website to search results this amazing hope you know, although this blackhat attempt,
sploggers joins known search keywords along integrated with their pages and websites in order to make splog links change up in blog search results and will be transferred out as search subscription notifications in your e-mail and RSS feed both contact forms.

I tell you Splog will keep on existing so far blog has existed
as enterprising ethical spammers has realized new medium’s potential for exploitation on this issue.
The attack on splog has become more terrible as much hackers has grown tales on this.
Automated plugins, machines has caused much damage to our modern society in time of improvement this splog kills SEO as I said previously regarding my speech on automated backlinks verus manual backlinks on how this bots works
Hope you are really understanding my says,

Previously a splogger used Google’s blog-creation tool, in Blogger, with interaction with the BlogSpot hosting service to establish what Tim Bray, of Sun Microsystems, this was called “splogsplosion” hope you understand?
(100s), and thousands of splogs changing up in search results and hindering RSS reader s and e-mail inboxes
This how the attack was conducted read carefully.

This splogger used a search on blog search engines for a known keywords.
Above this mentioned were the names of two prominent bloggers, Chris Pirillo and Dave Winer.
That using a bot in other to automate the process, hope you understand?
This splogger established 10 thousand of splogs this amazing, noting the mentioned keywords and selected and publishing text taken directly from Pirillo’s and Winer’s own sites, along with the sponsored links. Audience searching in top website and who had subscription on rss feed found their splog link attack

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Although google found it and respond to blog and website cry, Google published a list of some 13,000 splog sub-domains. Google company also established Turing test up and down known as a CAPTCHA , or captcha pictures forcing any body creating a blog to type to prove he’s a human, not a bot or computer.
My name is elvis chris i teach bloggers and webmasters i build blogs on monetization a standcode official.

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