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This bloggers wont ignore

Blogs are good if you are a good blogger I know you cant be the best, putting best in what you know is a good challenge to negativity,

Most bloggers have been rated low based on there effort this happens because the never valued there work the always in phobia, don’t search for a master by looking upto him but I tell you to seek his presence with search in your heart,

today its not everything you learn in school most things you have to learn by yourself, blogs without monetization kills a blogger moral however you are the main course of your problem, don’t look at top bloggers  rather make them your competitor,

any site without a good visitors and without a daily post cant get ranked , people complain my site is not ranking while you have did all you know how can you expect a good result when you haven’t certified your metrics how do you expect a good results however try to be brave and obedient to one skill don’t say you know even when you do rather try to learn from to add to yours,

Blogging is lucrative and it  pays monthly if your activity is good most bloggers search for AdSense when you don’t have a nice  optimization I tell you don’t expect a good results for search engine to rank you, you need a better optimization social media are good source of traffic but search engine gives More if you have a nice ranking to appear in first page people search 9 billion niche every minute in google you really need to appear in first list at least to get 4,000 page views,

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appearing on first page is not by posting its by optimization better improve yourself, advertise yourself, invest in your business, no business goes far without a good source of promo there are thousand of ways on monetization you can use to make a living but I can see you know only two be proud of your blog invest and mind it . am  Elvis Chris I teach bloggers, webmasters and build blogs on monetization a standcode official.

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