Learn about hosted AdSense and non hosted AdSense

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these you must know about hosted and non hosted adsense account

hosted adsense and non hosted adsense chaos on them

Good afternoon today Am explaining the chaos you are having between hosted AdSense and none hosted AdSense
I have explained all you need to know about google “ Adsense software udemy”.

Hosted AdSense

The merits of this account is that you will be easily approved. You easily approved in hosted AdSense account in google products like Blogspot, hubpages, You tube, many more. But the problem with this account is that you cannot use it with different sites except sites hosted by google hope you understand me.
These features are outlined which Hosted AdSense account offer:

1. Hosted are Easy to approve.

2. You can Earn money with You Tube and with You tube live events hope you understand.
3. You can’t use it on website and product which are not hosted by google.

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These you must know about Non Hosted AdSense account features :

This account is usually complicate to approve and it can be used in different website in third parties in a a non-hosted or publisher account but when its approved it can be easy blocked or banned. Its 100% approved and you wouldn’t need to reapply hope you understand?. You can apply non hosted account direct from your website.

These are outlines of Non-hosted account which it offers.
1. It enables you also to earn money from youtube and youtube live events hope you understand.
2. You can use it in any platform of website or blog its doesn’t matter if its own by google or not hope you understand.
3. This account can be used in windows app and mobile to earn much capital/money
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