These you must know to control on error codes slowing your search engine optimization

These you must know to control on error codes slowing your search engine optimization

All this you must know about a blog debug database coding

Good morning today I will be teaching on debug errors and most website code meaning which slows our seo today example are 302 code / files.

200 means OK
This For a Standard response in successful HTTP requests. However the normal response depend on your request method that’s been used. Through a get request, hope you understand ?

your server response is to contain an entity same as to the requested resource. To a POST request, the response will contain an entity describing and also defining containing the result of the action.

201 means Created
This simply means your request which you quired has successfully been accomplished and the response is on creation.

202 means Accepted
This means a request has been accepted in processing, however the processing has not been accomplished you must know. Your request might or might not be acted this you will know, and may be rejected when processing like a rel=”nofollow” disallow .

404 means bad Gateway
404 Gateway are usually set in every thing file reason when a visitor goes to a page that have never existed or deleted will result 404 bad Gateway . You can solve these errors by implementing 301 redirect to a relevant page.

Hope you understand ?
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301 means moved permanently
The response code 301 went Permanently this used for a permanent URL redirection, this means the new links or records thats using the uniform resources locator (url) response has been received for should be updated

302 means temporary moved
This you must know about 302 redirect code this means that your page has been temporarily moved, while 301 means that your page has been permanently moved.
302 kills seo its stores value of the your original and reduce the value by creating two, logically-distinct URLs that each file will produce the same content hope you understand ? Search views it like a duplicate files one file with two names.

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Error blog codes
301 = Moved Permanently
302 =Found + duplicate files
307 =Temporary Redirect
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