these you must know about bugs killing your blog ultimately

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these are malicious things that makes you not to be productive in wordpress

have you ever asked your self why some people succeed in wordpress more than
others ? this issue i must teach today.

some are brainy why some are not ,
wordpress  have about 50,000 thousand plugin but you know those that dont know any
thing will want to install everything this not how its been done,

hope you understand what i mean ?

today standcode is here to teach you about how to use plugins,
there specific kind of plugin you should use in a website
in 50,000 thousand plugin we have in wordpress only few should be used
its good to practise it

its good to care about the number of plugins you use today,
hope you are understand me ?

most of page speed problem we experience
today are because of too much plugin, incompatibility of these plugins makes your website to be slow
even some will warrant your website to shut down, blog incompatibility most are from plugins which makes your website function to be slow.

its good to monitor all these plugin
moves hope you understand me ?

there are some problem a caching plugin wont resolve, if you will know
and remember when your site is slow your visitors will get overwhelmed
and this will enable them to be offline from your website.

these effects of plugin is not what today analytics supports.
hope you understand me ?

search engines like google wont support that effort cause you will be penalised hope you understand,

wait i almost forgot something even bing wont support that same applies to yandex and others you are indexed on.

because its an issue of you misconducting on your server hope you understand me ?

before you choose a plugin make sure you answer the above question listed above.
hope you understand.

when choosing a plugin, as a standcode user you should focus on a good plugin with quality not quantity hope you understand me okay?

because there are plugins which its existence is best more than 100 mediocre plugins.

when choosing a plugin you must know this to answer hope you understand me the question is,
do i know
the orgin of these plugin ? most plugins are harmful as a matter of fact wordpress is trying to overcome every hacker in every plugin and other things hope you understand me ?

some plugins are malicious
some are like poison to your blog i will advice you to check on plugin reviews before installing make sure you read carefully to check if people are complaining of it in any way hope you understand me ?
most plugins can be source of security attack.

another question you should ask your self is ? has this
plugin been updated since 6 to 7 months, plugin update on monthly basis is a good deal and will make the plugin be compatiable with
your latest wordpress installation and will be out of hack,

any plugin not upto date for 2 years or 9 months is likely
to be abadoned try to avoid it.

before installing any plugin ask yourself what is the work of this plugin ? dont just install because you love its interface
read the description check the reviews and see what people are saying about it hope you understand?

because standcode is here to save you from any thread of hack.

before installing any plugin make sure you check how many downloads i mean installation check how many reviews on it hope you understand.

i know most plugin you can use and it wont disturb you and its updated often and on.

all in one seo pack: is a plugin that will help you on seo issue and optimization.

akismet: this plugin install itself by default once you launch your website in cms because it plays a huge role in controlling spam.

google analytic plugin: this plugin helps you analyse traffic source and its
control in your site to make you know your stats and you must try to authorise it to give it full access.

wordpress is awesome but the beauti lies on the resource/themes you use, thousand of plugin are free in wordpress but since the are
free dont mean you should not use them hope you understand me ?

remember any free wordpress theme is limited in functionality
hope you get me?

most recommanded articles you might read

however you can opto premuim themes some of them come with some nice trusted plugins to
save you from stress and other effects hope you are understand me okay ?

am elvis chris am a programmer i teach webmasters and bloggers a standcode official.

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