search engine optimization been a challenge overcome it Today

search engine optimization been a challenge overcome it Today

seo ranking has been a challenge

No matter how you try you cant cheat seo

what is blogging: The name blogging was forged and established to make people who have passion on a lifestyle to enable them publicize there passion like a hosted event meaning our lifestyles differs from each other,

however its made for people in a role to be different from each other in writing and formatting that’s how seo was programmed, and must not have a duplicate files, when you cant write you only pirate you can never rank. pagerank was named by larrypage how ever you have to be serious in your activities in other to get ranked, when you copy how can you rank ?

most articles you might read

Don’t you know the person you copied have been ranking on what you copied, when you publish search engine will penalise you because some files of that type have been existing in its database dont you know date and time of articles are been recorded in google algorithm this means the first blogger who published its article owns the content and the date is been recorded, other content of that particular file will been seen as spam and you will be penalised on it am Elvis Chris am a programmer I teach bloggers and webmasters, I build website and blogs for business and personal use ordaining SEO on bloggers is what I do.

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