This you must know about adsense optmization for higher cpc

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how you can optimize your adsense united states

good morning i will be teaching on coding your website and adsense optimization:

do you know that making your website relevant is what matters to a visitor ?

what do i mean by that: example most nigerian bloggers do write title which falls that the content is
talking a different thing, this happens mostly bloggers on entertainment role thats where you will see a blogger
that says “2face is on fire” on his title then the content is talking about “how owerri got bunt” that makes visitors to be on the run.

what do you expect if you were the person who was in search of an articles for your studies then it falls that you steped into that mess?

i know you will be annoyed and pissed same applies to your visitor on wrong title in your blog.
do you know it will take you 3 years to archieve 1,000 viewers without social media i mean from organic traffic but only 3mins of wrong direct/definition to loose them.

this very wrong to blogger who blog for there own gain in redirecting to a false title making your website relevant is not by posting, its by optimization and blogging for your visitors interest.

today i was experimenting on some canonical issues in title but i understood that google do penalies when you have bad review, what do you think when you goto google/micro-soft store under
each application you will see a “review” to see whats people talking about the application this happens and was included to google application because google would like to know how there visitors is feeling about the application which the developer uploaded this called
app reviewing, this applies to website review try blogging with efforts.

how can i make google to trust me more? making google trust you more is what every blogger is looking for but am sure you know what it takes to trust someone so
you must really need to work hard in order to gain trust hope you understand me,

how can i do this: build valid backlinks from known sites this a nice way of building trust because for a known site to backlink you means you are recommanded in blogging activity.

another is enabling your website  effectivity/making your website speed to be high rate google hate sites with low performance, enable the use of cache plugin if your website sever dont support it like previously i said on my post on domain king the support
internal cache so you you dont need to install a cache plugin again

another is ranking on keyword makes google trust you more : a  keyword is a word used in archieving/locating what your internal usage is all about your product/niche, example you have a post on “goat is nothing” and some one searched in google about where can i buy a goat if you are

the blogger posting articles on goat it will redirect to your post because you have keyword on goats but mostly ranking number one in keyword matters alot its never easy example “moz” is ranking
no1. on seo its nearly a decade now google trust them more, any dofollow backlink from them is relevant

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Dont exceed 1,000 backlinks per week? this very bad for blogger looking for backlinking on a dofollow command example you paying for a backlink is good but over doing it is spammy according to
“matt cutt” google spam controller one have to be careful when buying a backlink
in most cases go for a nofollow backlink example buying three thousand (3000) backlink let 2500 be dofollow while five hundred (500) will be rel=”nofollow”

but remember “nofollow” backlink cant rate you but it will pass you traffic because you have disabled the crawler telling it to not follow this occurs when buying backlink and also avoiding spamming hope you understand me.

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