Did you get a message in your website ? “Your Account Has Been Suspended” this how to solve it

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how to solve any problem if your website was suspended

account suspension

you woke up on Monday morning and logged to your website finding out that your host suspended your account
Your response Uh no What happened?

You never made any change to your website during the weekend brother this absolutely annoying .
I know how you feel.

You remember how you viewed your  pages last night and there wasn’t a problem this very bad to every blogger,
that’s why you have to be careful hope you understand me.
Your question will be what will I do next ? Of course you are upset and confused don’t worry standcode  is here to help you

Reasons why Your Site was Suspended

First, you need to know the reason why that bug happened so that you will be able to get rid of it
There are many reasons in which website or blog may be suspended standcode will help you now, these includes:
Lack of Payment of plan

One of the most common reasons a site can be suspended is due to lack of payment for web hosting plan.
Any Hosts avoid billing issues by sending out email notices to its clients ahead of time or setting up automatic payments from customer credit/debit cards hope you understand?.

If you changed your email address or have filters set on your email account, you may have missed the notice. Check your spam folder for web host messages to know actually where you have been notified. Are you getting me?
Also, if your credit card or debit card has expired or you no longer use that card, the billing won’t go through.
To get your site back up and running, contact your web host or log in to your web host account. Confirm your payment options are correct and make a payment. Depending on your host, your site will be back online quickly.
Server Performance

for those who you go on shared hosting these issue will slow your website if you are not on unlimited bandwith/storage because the server is too low to overcome your load on website so i advice you to goto unlimited hosting or try to
optimize your traffic this issue of shared hosting causes problem to some server and will enable them to shut down your website.

every web server have limit of usuage so before purchasing try to ask the live chat or customer care about there usuage option even when the say unmetered bandwidth it can still collapse depending
on the server your host is upto.

for wordpress users, i advice you to get jetpack plugin support on site monitor to notify you when ever you have a downtime on the email you set on it.

Talk to your web host about options submit a ticket to them explaining them your issue; after talking to them from there option you will know if you will goto a new hosting company or to upgrade to a better hosting plan to there company

if in any way you violated there policy your website will be suspended like i had a problem with my host previously about a client whom i work for.

the client had a news media website which i programmed after the work i gave him his account details and excluded my self because my work is done, later run he had a problem on his site which was suspened because he was an amateur, so

the hosting sent him a message earlier telling him to delete malware in his site after the loacation but he never understood and he didnt notify me about it after three days his web was suspended because the malware
extracted a phamarcy script webiste files which was against his host company policy and attacked his website the suspended his website when he notified me and told me about it

i went throught everything i understood his web was blocked due to he violated there policy but in order way it wasnt from him since the host told him to submit his document of been a pharmacist issue by government
i appealed and told the host how it happen and explained but the insisted till the checked his logs and found out that his website was a news media site not pharmacy just that malware attacked him

the unsuspended the website in 24hours so i advice you to be careful dont violate policy hope you understand me .

if you account was suspended always know Your website may have been flagged as spam, for copyright violation, or some other policy, server issues.
in any problem in your website make sure you contact your host.

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whenever your account is suspended make sure you contact your host immediately any site bug is been resolved once you contact your host company write to them when ever you see such message in your inbox, am elvis chris a standcode official i teach bloggers and websites.

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