these are traditional ways of increasing adsense clicks from seo

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how to improve your google adsense clicks
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This are rates to increase google adsense click (cpc)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen today am teaching on adsense
what is adsense people ask ?:adsense is program established by google
which its an arena where advertisers meet publishers in other
to pay to google for there product to be advertised by publishers,

google have more than 1million advertisers
round the globe the have advertiser in every country including nigeria.
each publisher is paid based on clicks he or she got from his website.
every publisher should know that google advertisers dont pay for impressions the pay for clicks.

what are clicks: this you must know about clicks are the step taken from a visitor in a publisher
website or blog which records in his or her adsense account which he will get paid for when at limit of $100

what is impression of adsense: impression are the views gotten in a publisher website impression means views without clicks
every publisher should know that google dont pay for impression every 100,000,000 is equal to zero (0).

what are the types of advert google offer: google offers text, link, and image adverts to its advertisers
the text and link ads crawls your post to enable user experience effectiveness in order to purchase goods from adverstisers example when you have a post taking about

dog” as a keyword the link and text ads which adsense own which you installed in your website will crawl from your post to genarate advert talking about “dogs”
i recommand text ads to every publisher.

wait i almost left something” you would ask your self what are the cpc of adsense?

in the last message i received from a blogger this blogger asked me about cpc of google
i told him google pays by clicks and you must know that, he complained of having 100,000 impression in 2 weeks but was able
to have only $200 dollars this quite unfortunate for him most of this happens because of low cpc from lower countries like
india, bangaledesh, omen, yemen, pakistan, and so many asian countries,

blogger who wants to earn higher should go for higher countries like the usa, untied kingdom, germany, and other european countries
depending on foriegn traffic makes you what you want and makes you a blogger.

but we in standcode will teach you more about this issue of low clicks.

how can i get foriegn traffic and clicks : many bloggers who complained about this issue, most are been solved depending. foriegn backlinks
are good tipical way of having foriegn traffic.

does adsense ban: definitely adsense bans easily when you trying to violate there policy, try to read there policy before applying.
invalid clicks, bot clicks are bad ways to adsense its against there policy beware.

hope you are understanding me ?

how can i get free foreign backlinks: to get free  foriegn backlinks you must make friends through social media, make friends who are bloggers goto groups,

and other community search for foreign bloggers tell them about your effort to work with them tell them you will exchange backlink with them you sending them nigerian/other
countries traffic while the will send you theres with a dofollow permission this i said might be so complicate to you but this the easiet way of getting free backlink without paying

in backlink market, backlinks are so costly about $99 per trial not all can afford that but if you can follow this step i bet you all will work well

most bloggers cant earn $8 per month this a bad impression to upcoming bloggers, if you can pay for a backlink your blog grows remember backlinks are your seo blood
and it makes you get traffic from external countries apart from your country.

guest posting: posting/commenting in other website comment box with your site link in it is also a good way of improving your service example many website
which post on comedy but make sure you comment with your website in it

but dont spam you make it legit comment based on what the topic is saying cause if you dont do so the owner of the website might see it as spam and trash it, comment with your website link in post articles of other website this give you a primary backlink to recieve
exstimated traffic to your adsense, search for backlinks look for it when gotten you will get traffic from different countries

how can i get adsense thos what most blogger ask ?: adsense approval is not an easy fact its never a day work so you will register at to take a google review on your site and see if you can be approved
warning: dont let anyone spam/fraud you telling you that the will approve your adsense for you if rejected all are scammers looking for there own gain individual dont approve adsense on google, try by registering in google adsense hope you understand me

where can i buy adsense if i cant get approved: many third parties sell adsense some are bots/scam some are real but you must be careful we have many legit bodies who sale adsense goto legitmates workers and ask of it from them, always be careful in the transaction.

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does standcode sell adsense ?: definitely standcode sell adsense and its customer care is robust you can goto our contact us section.

can i make a living with adsense:  definitely you can make the whole of your living on blogger look at naijaloaded, linda ikeji is one of them with blogging as an occupation you can make $300 per month with a relevant content.     below all i have thought are most ways of improving in adsense standcode gets paid from his resources so you equally should get paid, i wish you goodluck am elvis chris freelancer in standcode.

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