follow these steps to convert facebook group to page

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Facebook group to page

Today am teaching on convertion from group to page are you looking for an easy way to convert a Facebook group to a page for your blog, you should know that Facebook dont have the option of migrating from group to page .

However, with a little bit of planning with you will be able to make the transition painlessly and bring your most active members with you in your group definitely.

Hope you understand?
If you have a large at least 50,000 members above, or if the group has not been active for a long time.

most members will be lost in the transition. Hope you understand ?

To make the the practical happen, you need administrative access in the facebook group, remember for to work you must be an admin.
Use the. Above browsers
Opera your desired browser chrome, opera, Mozilla, safari.

Creating a facebook Page

1. Goto facebook goto the page section click on create new page a drop down menu comes write your page name and category which suites your business

2. Input your desired business name, product or brand, cause or community in the appropriate text field. Click the “Facebook Pages Terms” link and click the check box to indicate you agree to them. Click the “Get Started” button.

3. Write description of your page
In full and at least a photo to get the page started at that time.
Else your group members know you with your name well then the can click on “Like” if not group members may not like to click on like button because because it has no description.

4. Click the “Build Audience” button at the top of the new page Admin Panel. In addition to anyone else you will invite to like your page, invite your group members with a personal message. Brief them that you are to close the group that you will be migrating to page.

Transition Period in integration
1. Make sure you put a closing Date notify them of it but bear in mind that not everyone that logs into facebook daily so you have to set maximum of at least 3 weeks

2. Goto the group and announce your page closing details in full details. Copy the URL for your business page and post it in the same message. Your page description and photo will be shown automatically in your group. Scroll through the thumbnails if desired to select a different picture. Click the “Post” button to announce the conversion.

3. Goto to the new business page and post a message on the wall inviting everyone from the group to click the “Like” button. Write to them what the will acquire in page as the group upgrade to page such as discussion, relationship, sports and many more
4. Check the page analytics on daily interval. If anyone adds posts message in the group write on the button that the group has closed in upgrade to page Invite them to post the message again on the new business page.

5.make sure you add message and update the group daily with a countdown message on it with a new message on the group wall every couple of days with a countdown till the close date and a link to the new page.

New messages are more likely to be noticed in members’ timelines if they don’t log in to Facebook daily. For example, “three weeks left before this group will be closed. Please join our new the new page” should get the message across to most members if they are monitoring group activities.
Closing of the Group
1. Goto to your group page and add a final message that the group is now closed. Include a link to the new business page.

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2. Lock the group from group setting to disable people from posting. You can do this by clicking the “Gear” icon on the upper-right corner of the group page. Select “Edit” group and then select the “Only Administrators Can Post to the Group” option is at bottom of the page. Click “Save.” Hope you understand?

3. If you want to delete the group remove all members. If you want to remove all members, click the “About” tab at the top of the group page. Click the “X” on each name. After everybody has been removed, click the “X” beside your own name to leave the group. Facebook will automatically deletes the empty group hope you understand ?.”

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