Steps you must know on keyword search engine optimization

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Today am teaching on “keyword” in this lesson you will understand everything you need to know about keyword and how to use them.

what are Keywords: keyword are ideas and words that define what your content is all about that’s what you should know at first.

many bloggers seems to use Keyword wrongly this not proper,
remember when you use keyword wrongly then have it in mind that “seo” wont recognise your article no matter the optimization you used on it hope you understand,

if you dont understand any of this illustration I would advise you to comment below I ill explain more of it,
example someone searched “music is the world” and in your web you have that article defining “music in the world” but the problem seems to be,

when you were writing the title of your article the permalink/title  got misspelled maybe it was a mistake by you which you didn’t notice many bloggers try to change or abbreviate names such as “music” when the are publishing their articles the would instead write “muzik” or “musik” in the title of the article ,

Thes articles are recommanded on seo

then at a point a guest searched in google about “music”, automatically It cant direct him or her to your blog, because you misspelled your title when publishing your post hope you understand this happened because you used “muzik” in your title,

The search result cant direct him to your blog because you used an invalid keyword rather it will direct the person to a similar name which he or she searched like “people loves music in America”
This happens when you say that you wrote an article and its upto 5months but you haven’t received upto 200 visits in it, its totally bad try to write correctly because computer is “gigo” hope you understand the only time search engine can locate you on misspelled words is when the person searching also misspelled
his own words,

its only few people that misspells keywords that’s when you see the error above in google search window that says search “this” instead of “this” in google home search I hope you understand all i said.

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