Mobile optimization is main search engine optimization

Mobile optimization is main search engine optimization


Do you know whenever your website is good you will be proud of it ?.

maybe you have tried alot to create
something that looks good too, and you can’t seem to get it together. You’re waiting for rave
reviews but none have come your way. its a pity Your website is a flop.dont worry we will settle it. You’re not alone. standcode is with you

You want to fix it but you don’t have the big budget you need to hire a great web developer.
these are simple ways you can improve your website and get it into better shape, now!.

below we will be talking about mobile preview: in last google update the used mobile view as a big way to tell people to optimize there website
because 85% of traffic is from mobile why 15% is from pc so google made it easier for there user experience, building a website with a wrong  navigation  is usually bad
because google declines it.

it makes your interface mobile wrong.
many people used image as the background of there website its always bad for mobile most mobile find it very complicate optimizing and that will make your visitor log out from your site because its not mobile friendly like what i said previously
it slows your bounce rate its totally bad.

most bloggers always set color of links and text to un-readable formats, this so bad.

what do you expect when you have a dodgerblue background-color with link and text of yellow on it?

definitely you would see that any user visiting it will exit immediately because “it hurts” he cant focus on your writeups because your css on it was totally bad
i advice everyblogger to atleast study css to know how to style a web,

some bloggers never bow down to there text editor all the do is copy and paste without a good paragrah and a subheading,

do you know google studies all these features?
the main thing that should be in you is for you to know that google hates piracy, wrong text-formatting, bad css used in styling,
dormant blog kills your search engine optimization

that brought about the updating of blogs everyday to enable the spider crawl, google love site that updates daily, awesome text=formatting, good css is mandatory, backlinks,
website without a duplicate content, blog post with upto 2000 words

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the existence of google have made search been easy and the are the leading network over 40 million search is performed every minute in the world try
and meet your competitors focus on them and improve, look at where the are lacking and rise from there, from today learn to follow google seo updates to know when you are violating the seo policy.
there policy on search engine optimization hope you understand what i just said’

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