What you must know about broken links in seo

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broken links in your website


Today am teaching on “broken links”

Recently what bloggers care is to post on daily basis, they don’t care about the health of there links.

What is the health of a post?

Health I mean is the quality of your link.
The quality of your link is what search engine value. If your link is poor and weak, google have a very quality algorithm that crawl on poor performances.

Google care about users more than posts so, you must care for your links more than AdSense. This is because when your links are okay, you will have a nice SEO  and that will make your AdSense storm your site with much dollars.
Most Webmasters have about 7,000 posts but only 1500 was indexed. 2,000 might be broken and google penalize any broken link and that hinders your ranking.

When you have 5,000 broken links, google will see that 5,000 as 6,000 cause 1,000 is for your penalty. That’s how the penalty occurs. Like I said earlier in my previous article on RSS feed, your site needs to be updated regularly in other to know your analytics on bugs to your website.

Broken links restrict the flow of link equity throughout your site, which impacts rankings negatively.
Validator.W3.org is a Checking links tool you can use to check your link now
and input your website uniform resources locator (URL).

Use chrome or Mozilla for better result to see all your broken links which google penalized you on that’s hindering your SEO. Many steps on SEO improvement renders your SEO very low based on what I said about automated backlinks and manual backlinks in a blog. All these penalties happen when you don’t  use your improvement with care for it not to be flagged as spam.

After you have seen it, if you don’t trace them they will infect many more links with poor performances.

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how to remove broken links

seo frog tool
Here I strongly recommend SEO Spider Tool. Screaming Frog tool is a website broken links finder, which enables you to figure out the bad links in your blog. It searches on your uniform resources locator and fetch key onsite elements to show where the bug is in onsite SEO.

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