These you must know how to withdraw AdSense with payoneer

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Adsense to Payoneer funding

Payoneer is an online business service which provides a payment method to its users.

The Payoneer company is headquartered in New York City, United States of America.

AdSense is a program invented by Google in which there are advertisers in it which advertise their product through the process of google publishers. Advertisers pay to Google for adverts while Google pay publishers for advertising its products.

Nigerians find it difficult to get approved by AdSense most times, so you might choose to make use of other countries Adsense services if you wish.

Whenever you reach a limit of $100 according to Google TOS, you need a good withdrawal method which is Payoneer and it provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services easily without restriction like PayPal.

Follow the steps below:
Step 1
If you have a payoneer account login to it or you can create a new one if you don’t have an existing one.

Step 2
Select the option of “Receive Payments from US companies”. Copy the details of the account.

Step 3
Fill in the details like the
Name: Bank account Holder
Type: The type of the Account” always checking,

“Routing Number” “Account number”.

Step 4
log in to your US Google AdSense account click on “Payment Setting” From the next menu, select “Banks”

Step 5
You will see a form that will appear in which you fill in the details you got from your Payoneer account. In the field “Action Type” select “Checking”

Step 6

You have to complete the integration between the two accounts, Google will like to verify your Payoneer account. It will do this by sending a very insignificant amount there $0.38.

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Step 7
The amount is to ascertain the authenticity of your account and your AdSense which you are dealing with. If there’s no error/bug hitch, your Payoneer account will be credited with the sum within 3 days.

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